Bulgaria Trip 22-6-1992 – 5-7-1992

This was supposed to be a beach holiday with my girlfriend at the time. The approach to Bourgas was visible from the beach, and there were many interesting aircraft seen on approach (and not always identified), including Aeroflot An26’s. A crop spraying Kamov KA26 also evaded identification. Beer was 8p a pint, the climate was warm, and the people friendly. The flight to Sofia was interesting, as the AN24 was full, and there were many passengers without a seat who stood for the entire journey. Flights were to and from London Stansted on a Balkan TU154.


22 Jun 1992 Bourgas

LZ-BEU Ilyushin IL-18 V 183005905
LZ-ILE VEB IL-14 P 14803040 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (Preserved)
LZ-MIK Tupolev Tu-154 M 90A844
LZ-MIS Tupolev Tu-154 M 90A863

01 Jul 1992 Bourgas Approach

F-GHGD Boeing 767 27EER 24832 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (lsd)
CCCP-11032 Antonov An-12 B 7345004 Aeroflot

02 Jul 1992 Bourgas

CCCP-76499 Ilyushin IL-76 TD 0023441186
LZ-ANB Antonov An-24 B 67302710 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (The ride to Sofia)
LZ-ANL Antonov An-24 B 67302206 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BAB Antonov An-12 B 8346002 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (WFU)
LZ-BAF Antonov An-12 B 402408 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BEZ Ilyushin IL-18 E 185008603 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (Basic LOT clrs)
LZ-TUV Tupolev Tu-134 A-3 1351408 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines

02 Jul 1992 Sofia

G-ELRA British Aerospace 125 1000B 259003
LZ-ANB Antonov An-24 B 67302710 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (The ride to Burgas)
LZ-ANF Antonov An-24 B 77303407 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-ANK Antonov An-24 RV 17307005 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-ANT Antonov An-24 RV 27307903 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BET Ilyushin IL-18 E 186008904 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BEV Ilyushin IL-18 V 185008201 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BOA Boeing 737 53A 24881 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BOB Boeing 737 53A 24921 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BOC Boeing 737 53A 25425 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BTJ Tupolev Tu-154 B-1 78A270 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BTZ Tupolev Tu-154 M 88A781 Government of Bulgaria
LZ-CAT Mil Mi-8 S 10319 Government of Bulgaria
LZ-DOE Yakovlev Yak-40 9521441 Hemus Air
LZ-DOF Yakovlev Yak-40 9521541 Hemus Air
LZ-DOM Yakovlev Yak-40 9620447 Hemus Air
LZ-DOR Yakovlev Yak-40 9231623 Hemus Air
LZ-JXC Airbus A310 304 573
LZ-KLA LET L-410 UVP-E 902506
LZ-KLB LET L-410 UVP-E4 902507
LZ-KLC LET L-410 UVP-E 902514
LZ-MIG Tupolev Tu-154 M 90A840 VIA
LZ-MIR Tupolev Tu-154 M 90A852 VIA
LZ-TUG Tupolev Tu-134 A-3 49858 Hemus Air
N788AA Beech King Air B200 BB-82
OE-FFL Cessna 340A 340A0021

05 Jul 1992 Bourgas
LZ-BEI Ilyushin IL-18 V 181002805 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
LZ-BEZ Ilyushin IL-18 E 185008603 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (Basic LOT clrs)
LZ-BTC Tupolev Tu-154 B 73A036 Balkan Bulgarian Airlines (The ride back to Stansted)


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