Lappeenranta (Finland) International Airshow 5th June 1999

This town in the south eastern corner of Finland near the Russian border is my wifes hometown, and my second hometown. The airport was host to an Airshow back in 1999 which saw an uncharacteristic number of aircraft movements. Even more uncharacteristic was the fact that my Dad also accompanied me on this trip.

05 Jun 1999 Lappeenranta 

CR.12-52 McDonnell Douglas RF-4C Phantom II 1444 Spanish Air Force
DK-219 SAAB Draken J-35XS 351310 Finnish Air Force
ES-JRS S.A.N. Jodel D.117 729 Private
HN-426 McDonnell Douglas F18C Hornet FNC026 Finnish Air Force
I-LIOI EH Industries EH.101 500 50009 Private
LY-HBB Mil Mi-8 PS 10733
N1269J Cessna 208 208-00301
OH-CGT Cessna A188B AgTruck 18801959T Private
OH-CQF Cessna 172R Skyhawk 17280230
OH-CUB Piper J-3 C-65D Cub 12320 Private
OH-FAF Saab 340 B 167 Finnaviation
OH-FPC Dassault Falcon 20 F 345
OH-HAW Agusta A109 7327 Copter Action
OH-HCB MBB Bo.105 S S-396 Copter Action
OH-HCG Eurocopter Squirrel AS.350 B2 2710 Private
OH-HCH Eurocopter EC135 P1 0008
OH-HHT Robinson R44 Astro 0014
OH-HKI MBB Bo.105 CBS-4 S-731
OH-HMZ Robinson R22 Beta 1881 Private
OH-HRI Agusta-Bell AB.206B Jet Ranger III 8599
OH-HVI Aerospatiale Super Puma AS.332 L1 2341 Private
OH-HYY Enstrom Shark 280 C 1083 Private
OH-LCH Douglas C53C 6346 Air Veteran
OH-PVD Piper PA-34 200 Seneca 34-7250186
OH-SCU SOCATA Rallye MS.893A Commodore 180 10994 Private
OH-U221 Murphy Aircraft Murphy Renegade II 199 Private
OH-XFK Rotorway Exec 226 Private
OH-XGT Gloster Gauntlet Mk.II G.535957 Private
OH-XLA de Havilland Tiger Moth DH.82A 85167 Private
OH-XPA Amateur Built Pitts Special S-1 01 Private
PC-4 Piper PA-31 350 Navajo Chieftain 31-8252083 Finnish Air Force
SE-DXS FFA Vampire FB.6 705
SE-KCT Saab-Fairchild 340 A 070
SE-LAU Sukhoi Su-26 M 011
T.19B-03 CASA AC-235 100M C-034 Spanish Air Force


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