Copenhagen Kastrup 18th May 2016

The following is from a ‘Cheeky’ day trip to CPH with Ryanair from Luton Airport which only cost £10 each way. At CPH, there is great views Airside, but for this trip I took the courtesy bus to Car Park 17 which is located at the end of runway 22L. Weather permitting, good views can be had from here and I wasnt bothered by any one the whole day. There are no Facilities here to stock up in the terminal.

18 May 2016 Luton

G-OPRM Bombardier Challenger 604 5580 Zenith Aviation Limited
N280EX Gulfstream Aerospace G280 2039 Flying Partners
N388AJ Gulfstream Aerospace G300 1508 Corporate
N550AA Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5020 Atlantic Aviation Corp
N560U Bombardier Global 5000 9366 United Technologies Corp
N77DV Cessna 180J Skywagon 180 18052383
N78KN Dassault Falcon 2000LX S 292 H4T Corp
N808JG Gulfstream Aerospace GV 598 Jet Greene LLC
OE-FHC Cessna Citation CJ2+ 525A0415 Avcon Jet AG
OE-FZA Cessna Citation Mustang 510-0144 Globe Air AG
SX-BNB Piper PA-31 P-425 Pressurised Navajo 31P-48 Private
SX-BNR Bombardier Learjet 60 60-231 Aegean Airlines
VQ-BVS Dassault Falcon 7X 48 Corporate
VT-NGS Bombardier Challenger 604 5314 Raymond Ltd

18 May 2016 Copenhagen
9A-CQB Bombardier DHC-8 402 4211 Croatia Airlines
A6-EOS Airbus A380 861 203 Emirates Airline

A7-BCQ Boeing 787 8 38335 Qatar Airways
B-5927 Airbus A330 243 1444 Air China
C-GHPV Boeing 787 8 35260 Air Canada
CS-TNI Airbus A320 214 982 TAP Portugal

D-ABNH Airbus A320 214 1775 Air Berlin

D-AEBG Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000423 Lufthansa Regional

D-AEBS Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000565 Lufthansa Regional
D-AIZG Airbus A320 214 4324 Lufthansa
D-ASTX Airbus A319 112 3202 Air Berlin
EC-JTT Bombardier CRJ 900 ER 15074 Iberia Regional
EC-JZV Bombardier CRJ 900 ER 15117 Iberia Regional
EC-LUC Airbus A320 214 1059 Iberia Express
EC-MDZ Airbus A320 232SL 6377 Vueling Airlines

EC-MJR Airbus A321 231SL 6933 Vueling Airlines
EI-DAH Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33546 Ryanair
EI-DPX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35553 Ryanair
EI-DWW Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33629 Ryanair
EI-ENK Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40303 Ryanair
EI-ESX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34998 Ryanair
EI-FHX Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 40866 Norwegian Air International
F-GRXC Airbus A319 111 1677 Air France
G-EZFC Airbus A319 111 3808 easyJet Airline
G-EZOB Airbus A320 214SL 6416 easyJet Airline


G-EZPA Airbus A320214SL 6970 easyJet Airline


G-EZWE Airbus A320 214 5289 easyJet Airline

G-RJXE Embraer ERJ-145 EP 145245 bmi regional
HB-IJK Airbus A320 214 596 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JJA Boeing 737NG 7AK/W BBJ 34303 Scandinavian Airlines System
HB-JYH Airbus A319 111 4787 easyJet Switzerland
HS-TKR Boeing 777 3ALER 41527 Thai Airways International
LN-DYB Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39163 Norwegian
LN-DYV Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39009 Norwegian
LN-DYW Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39010 Norwegian

LN-DYZ Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39013 Norwegian
LN-LNA Boeing 787 8 35304 Norwegian
LN-LNB Boeing 787 8 35305 Norwegian

LN-LNE Boeing 787 8 34796 Norwegian
LN-NGA Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39014 Norwegian


LN-NGB Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39015 Norwegian

LN-NGC Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39016 Norwegian

LN-NGD Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39049 Norwegian

LN-NGE Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39050 Norwegian

LN-NGV Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39031 Norwegian
LN-RCY Boeing 737NG 883 28324 Scandinavian Airlines System

LN-RDZ Bombardier DHC-8 402 4063 Wideroes Flyveselskap
LN-RKF Airbus A340 313X 413 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RKH Airbus A330 343X 497 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RKK Airbus A321 232 1848 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RKN Airbus A330 343X 568 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RKO Airbus A330 343X 515 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RKP Airbus A340 313X 167 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RNO Boeing 737NG 783 28316 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RNU Boeing 737NG 783/W 34548 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-RRF Boeing 737NG 85P/W 35707 Scandinavian Airlines System
LN-WDF Bombardier DHC-8 402 NG 4244 Wideroes Flyveselskap
N887WM Bombardier Global Express XRS 9292 Mente LLC
N917FD Boeing 757 23ASF 24291 FedEx Express
N995ML Bombardier Global Express XRS 9322 Lund Air Services LLC
OE-FUX Cessna Citation CJ2 525A0106 Bairline Flug GmbH & Company
OE-LDD Airbus A319 112 2416 Austrian
OH-LXL Airbus A320 214 2146 Finnair

OO-SSB Airbus A319 111 2400 Brussels Airlines
OO-SSE Airbus A319 112 2700 Brussels Airlines
OO-VLP Fokker F50 20209 VLM Airlines
OY-CKN Dassault Falcon 2000 76 Air Alsie
OY-CLY ATR 72 500 799 Alsie Express

OY-JEE Piper PA-28 161 Cadet 2841177 Private (Overflight)
OY-JZB ATR 72 600 1121 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-JZD ATR 72 600 1131 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-JZE ATR 72 600 1164 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-JZF ATR 72 600 1165 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-JZG ATR 72 600 1171 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-JZH ATR 72 600 1177 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAL Airbus A320 232 2883 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KAM Airbus A320 232 2911 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAN Airbus A320 232 2958 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAO Airbus A320 232 2990 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAP Airbus A320 232 3086 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAR Airbus A320 232 3159 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KAS Airbus A320 232 3335 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KAT Airbus A320 232 3192 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAU Airbus A320 232 3227 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAY Airbus A320 232 2856 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KBD Airbus A340 313X 470 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KBF Airbus A321 232 1807 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KBI Airbus A340 313X 430 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KBK Airbus A321 232 1587 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KBL Airbus A321 232 1619 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KBO Airbus A319 132 2850 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KBO (2)
OY-KBP Airbus A319 132 2888 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFA Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15206 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KFD Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15221 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFE Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15224 Scandinavian Airlines System

OY-KFF Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15231 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFG Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15237 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFH Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15240 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFI Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15242 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KFK Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15244 Scandinavian Airlines System


OY-KFL Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15246 Scandinavian Airline System


OY-LHA ATR 72 202 508 Danish Air Transport

OY-LHB ATR 72 202 496 Danish Air Transport

OY-MGA Dassault Falcon 2000LX S 311 Air Alsie

OY-RUR ATR 72 201 145 Danish Air Transport
PH-BGL Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 30369 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

PH-BGW Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 38128 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-HXA Boeing 737NG 8K2/W 62149 Transavia
SE-REU Boeing 737NG 76N/W 33005 Scandinavian Airlines System
SE-RFT Boeing 737NG 8K5/W 38097 TUIfly Nordic

SE-RJE Airbus A320 232 1183 Scandinavian Airlines System
SE-RJF Airbus A320 232 1383 Scandinavian Airlines System

SU-GED Boeing 737NG 866/W 40802 Egypt Air
TC-CPB Boeing 737NG 82R/W 38177 Pegasus Airlines

TC-JIO Airbus A330 223 869 Turkish Airlines
TF-BRO Airbus A320 232 4305 WOW Air
TF-ISV Boeing 757 256/W 26247 Icelandair

VP-BWN Airbus A321 211 2330 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YL-BAF Bombardier DHC-8 402 NG 4293 Air Baltic

YL-PSC Boeing 737NG 86N/W 33419 Primera Air Nordic


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