Stuttgart 7th April 2017

After a 2 hour drive north from Friedrichshafen, I arrived at Stuttgart Airport. The airport is blessed with a great viewing terrace that runs the entire length of the terminal roof. Entry is only a couple of euros however there are no facilities available. There are some preserved aircraft on the deck also (these are covered in the report from the 9th April). On the cargo apron is a TU154 which is used by the fire service which carries fake German marks D-AFSG. This aircraft is ex HA-LCB of Malev.


There are high railings for security however it is easy to fit a camera lens through. The airport is also home to a large variety of GA, which can be seen more clearly by turning right out of the terminal and continuing east until the GA apron comes into view on the right. This will enable many aircraft to be seen that arent visible from the Terrace.


On with the log.

84-0087 Gates C-21A 35A-533 United States Air Force
D-ABDQ Airbus A320 214 3121 Eurowings

D-ABFO Airbus A320 214 4565 Eurowings


D-ABGM Airbus A319 112 3604 Eurowings

D-ABGM (2)

D-ABGQ Airbua A319-112 3700 Eurowings


D-ABFR Airbus A320 214 4631 Eurowings

D-ABGQ Airbus A319 112 3700 Eurowings

D-ABHK Airbus A320 214 4581 Air Berlin

D-ABKA Boeing 737NG 82R/W 29329 Air Berlin

D-ABQJ Bombardier DHC-8 402 4274 Air Berlin

D-ABZK Airbus A320 216 3213 Eurowings

D-AEWR Airbus A320 214SL 7412 Eurowings
D-AGWX Airbus A319 132 5569 Germanwings
D-AIBH Airbus A319 112 5239 Lufthansa

D-AILL Airbus A319 114 689 Lufthansa
D-AKNG Airbus A319 112 654 Germanwings

D-AKNI Airbus A319 112 1016 Germanwings

D-AKNJ Airbus A319 112 1172 Germanwings

D-AKNL Airbus A319 112 1084 Germanwings

D-AKNO Airbus A319 112 1147 Germanwings
D-ATUE Boeing 737NG 8K5/W 34686 TUIfly
D-CATZ Dornier Do 328 110 3090 Private Wings
D-CNAC Swearingen Metro 23 DC-895B BinAir
D-CPWF Dornier Do 328 110 3112 Private Wings
D-EABZ Cessna 152 15279736 Private
D-EEBC Reims/Cessna F150M 1270 Private
D-EEDJ Reims/Cessna FR172J Rocket 0355 Private
D-EETK Cessna 170B 25390 Private
D-EEXX Reims/Cessna F177RG Cardinal RG 0044 Private
D-EHEA Piper PA-28 235 Cherokee C 28-11305 Private
D-EHGS Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S10119 Private
D-EJPE Reims/Cessna F152 1577 Private
D-EKHZ Cessna 182Q Skylane 18266466 Private
D-EKSG Piper PA-28 181 Archer II 28-8290075 Private
D-EMRS Reims/Cessna F152 1511 Private
D-ERIE Piper PA-28 181 Archer III 2843566 Private
D-ERPH Cessna 172N Skyhawk 17271171 Private
D-ETSE Beech Bonanza K35 D-6113 Private
D-GBRS Partenavia P.68B Victor 34 Private
D-GBVW Piper PA-44 180 Seminole 4495004 Private
D-GBWA Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II 34-7670245 Private
D-GISE Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II 34-7870193 Private
D-GOSR Piper PA-34 220T Seneca III 34-8133017 Private
D-HAAM Aerospatiale Squirrel AS.350 B 1910 Meravo Luftreederei Fluggesellschaft GmbH
D-IEAH Beech King Air C90A LJ-1216 Fischerwerke Artur Fischer GmbH
D-IHHH Cessna 421B Golden Eagle 421B0512 Private
D-IMEL Beech Baron E55 TE-855 Private
D-IMIC Cessna 340A 340A1223 Private
D-IMRB Hawker Beechcraft Corp King Air C90GT LJ-1900 E-Aviation
EI-FXK ATR 72 202F 256 FedEx Feeder
EI-OZL Airbus A300 B4-622RF 717 ASL Airlines Ireland
F-GLNH Beech Beech 1900 D UE-73 Twin Jet
F-HLPM Dassault Falcon 2000LX S 282 Michelin Air Services

G-EUPF Airbus A319-131 1197 British Airways

G-EZIZ Airbus A319 111 2646 easyJet Airline

HB-JSF Bombardier Challenger 650 6073 Robert Bosch GmbH

LZ-BHK Airbus A321 211 1554 Balkan Holidays Air

N201GW Piper PA-46 310P Malibu 46-8508055 Private
N310GG Cessna 310R 310R-1585 Private
N768KD CASA CN-235 C-182 Prescott

OE-LDE Airbus A319 112 2494 Austrian

OE-LDG Airbus A319 112 2652 Austrian

OE-LGQ Bombardier DHC-8 402 4003 Austrian

OY-KFL Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15246 Scandinavian Airlines System

PH-EXC Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000659 KLM cityhopper

PH-NCI British Aerospace Jetstream 32-01EP 844 AIS Airlines

TC-JST Airbus A321 231SL 6682 Turkish Airlines

TC-SNR Boeing 737NG 8HC/W 40754 SunExpress

It was then off to the Movenpick Hotel for the night. The hotel has its own underground parking lot which was 20+ euros for one night. The Hotel itself was pleasant but expensive, and the ‘airport view’ was a view of the terminal with no views of the airport beyond.

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