Iceland Trip 28th May 2017 – 31st May 2017

This was a non Spotting trip to Iceland, however by chance we stayed at the Natura Hotel (Formerly Loftleidir Hotel) overlooking the domestic airport in the centre of Reykjavik. The hotel was good, however the weather was awful and most of the excursions planned (including a Heli-Hike) were sadly cancelled. Flights were with Easyjet from Luton. International arrivals land at Keflavik and it is a 40 minute drive around the coast to Reykjavik. Our flight made 2 attempts at a landing in severe winds. The wind was so bad  (30 m/s) that even coaches were not able to operate .  Apart from the excellent view from an airport facing room, there is also good views of the airport and city from the nearby Pearlan Restaurant and terrace which is atop a hill.

View from Pearlan with Hotel Natura in the foreground.



28 May 2017 Luton

G-EZWF Airbus A320 214 5319 Easyjet (Our ride to KEF)



28 May 2017 Keflavik
N538US Boeing 757 251/W 26485 Delta Air Lines

28 May 2017 Reykjavik

CS-DKK Gulfstream 550 5201 Netjets Europe
ES-ELI Cessna 750 Citation X

ES-ELI (2)HB-ZJA Robinson R44 Raven 1805 Valair AG
N635E Gulfstream Aerospace G450 4355 PLA Aircraft Corp
N70EL Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5510 Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company
TF-CAD Gippsaero GA-8 Airvan TC-320 GA8-TC-320-11-169 Private
TF-CADTF-ELO Bell 407 Helicopter Service Of Iceland
TF-FXA Bombardier DHC-8 402 4022 Flugfelag Islands

TF-FXATF-FXB Bombardier DHC-8 402 4038 Flugfelag Islands
TF-FXB (2)
TF-FXG Bombardier DHC-8 202 445 Flugfelag Islands
TF-FXGTF-FXI Bombardier DHC-8 402 4033 Flugfelag Islands
TF-FXK Bombardier DHC-8 202 446 Flugfelag Islands
TF-JMS Fokker 50 20244 Flugfelag Islands (Did not move during our trip)
TF-JVB Cessna 402B  402B0875 Private
TF-LIF Aerospatiale AS332L Super Puma Icelandic Coast Guard

TF-ORC British Aerospace Jetstream 32-17 981 Eagle Air Iceland
D-CHDC Cessna Citation Sovereign 680-0150 Heidelberg Cement AG
OY-HIT Eurocopter Squirrel AS.350 B2 9087 Private

30 May 2017 Reykjavik
N812GS Pilatus PC-XII 47E 1086 Flir Systems Aviation LLC
OE-GTH Hawker Beechcraft Corp King Air B350 FL-702 Air Independence GmbH
TF-FTA Piper PA-44 180 Seminole 4496213 Private
TF-FTO Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S8852 Private
TF-FXI Bombardier DHC-8 402 4033 Flugfelag Islands
TF-ORA British Aerospace Jetstream 32-17 925 Eagle Air Iceland
TF-ORA (2)
TF-ORG British Aerospace Jetstream 32-17 986 Eagle Air Iceland
TF-PIA Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8016294 Private
XA-GGS Textron Aviation Citation Latitude 680A-0032 Avemex SA de CV

Keflavik 31st May.

G-EZUS Airbus A320 214 5104 Easyjet

Back at Luton i took this cheeky wing shot of G-EZUS on my mobile, following which a rude ramp agent gave me a dressing down for taking pictures on the ramp.


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