London City, London Southend, London Stansted 4-10-17

This visit to LCY was timed to coincide with the Helitech Expo at the nearby Excel Arena. The hope was that if there were many Heli movements, we would be able to see them from our vantage point in the excellent Tereza Joanne Quayside. It transpired that there were hardly any arrivals to the show, however LCY is an interesting place to visit once in a while, withthe added bonus of arrivals to LHR and some arrivals to BQH visible from here when the winds are westerly.


04 Oct 2017 London City

CS-DXG Cessna Citation XLS 560-5595 NetJets Europe
D-AECC Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000333 Lufthansa Regional
D-HTPN Airbus Helicopters EC225 LP 2916 Global Helicopter Service Gmbh (Departed Helitech)
EI-RJO AVRO 146 RJ85 E2352 CityJet
EI-RJT AVRO 146 RJ85 E2366 CityJet
EI-RJU AVRO 146 RJ85 E2367 CityJet
avro rj85
EI-RNC Embraer EMB-190 100 19000503 Alitalia
EI-RND Embraer EMB-190 100 19000512 Alitalia (Skyteam Colours)
G-ISLF ATR 42 500 546 Flybe
G-LCYD Embraer EMB-170 STD 17000294 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYG Embraer EMB-170 STD 17000300 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYI Embraer EMB-170 STD 17000305 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYJ Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000339 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYJ (2)
G-LCYM Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000351 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYN Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000392 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYO Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000430 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYR Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000563 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYS Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000662 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYT Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000670 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYU Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000674 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYV Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000255 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYX Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000178 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYX (2)
G-OONE Mooney M.20J Model 205 24-3039 Private (itz N>S)
G-PRPC Bombardier DHC-8 402 NG 4338 Flybe
G-PRPC (2)
G-PRPE Bombardier DHC-8 402 4209 Flybe
G-REYE Robinson R44 Raven I 2390 Ltd (Transit north of the field)
G-RIDB Bell 429 Global Ranger 57105 National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC (Transit north of the field)
G-VZON ATR 72 500 853 Aurigny Air Services
G-WIZG Agusta A.109 E Power 11123 Tycoon Aviation Ltd (Arrived at Helitech)
G-XION Dassault Falcon 8X 409 ExecuJet UK Ltd
G-XION (2)
HB-JVL Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000354 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVN Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000285 Helvetic Airways
LX-LGE Bombardier DHC-8 402 4284 Luxair
LX-LQB Bombardier DHC-8 402 NG 4512 Luxair
OY-NCO Dornier Do 328 Jet 310 3210 British Airways
PH-EZH Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000319 KLM cityhopper
PH-EZP Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000347 KLM cityhopper

Biggin Hill Approach (Seen from LCY)

OK-ESC Raytheon Aircraft Company 400 A RK-295 Time Air
VP-CLB Dassault Falcon 900EX 34 Corporate
D-CJAF Bombardier Learjet 60 XR 60-351 Imperial Jet
CS-DXH Cessna Citation XLS 560-5615 NetJets Europe
C-GJPG Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy 129 Pattison Airways

London Heathrow Approach (Seen from LCY)

A7-BED Boeing 777 3DZER 60330 Qatar Airways
C-FITL Boeing 777 333ER 35256 Air Canada
C-FKAU Boeing 777 333ER 62401 Air Canada
C-FRTW Boeing 787 9 37179 Air Canada
D-AINH Airbus A320 271NSL 7648 Lufthansa
G-PRPG Bombardier DHC-8 402 4191 Flybe
G-VCRU Boeing 787 9 37972 Virgin Atlantic Airways
HB-IJF Airbus A320 214 562 Swiss International Air Lines
LN-RPK Boeing 737NG 783 28317 Scandinavian Airlines System
N1201P Boeing 767 332ER/W 28458 Delta Air Lines
N1605 Boeing 767 332ER/W 30198 Delta Air Lines
N171DN Boeing 767 332ER/W 24759 Delta Air Lines
N27015 Boeing 777 224ER 28678 United Airlines
N271AY Airbus A330 323X 323 American Airlines
N29968 Boeing 787 9 60141 United Airlines
N642UA Boeing 767 322ER 25092 United Airlines
N655UA Boeing 767 322ER 25393 United Airlines
N728AN Boeing 777 323ER 31553 American Airlines
N813AN Boeing 787 8 40631 American Airlines
OO-SNB Airbus A320 214 1493 Brussels Airlines
PH-EZM Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000338 KLM cityhopper
TF-ISW Boeing 767 319ER/W 28745 Icelandair
VQ-BBE Airbus A330 243 1014 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
VT-ANM Boeing 787 8 36284 Air India

04 Oct 2017 Southend

5N-MJB Boeing 737 322 24454 Arik Air
5Y-CHD Hawker Siddeley HS.748 2A/242 1689  (Being B/U)
CS-CHA Bombardier Challenger 350 20544 NetJets Europe
EI-FMJ ATR 72 600 1295 Flybe
G-AYIM Hawker Siddeley HS.748 2A/27 1687 (Being B/U)
G-EZDL Airbus A319 111 3569 easyJet Airline
G-FBEM Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000204 Flybe
G-FLTC BAe 146 300 E3205 Flightline (PWFU)
G-FLTY Embraer EMB-110 P1 110215 Skydrift (PWFU)
N2121T Grumman American AA5B Tiger AA5B-1031 Private
N60256 Beech Bonanza C35 D-3346 Private (PWFU)
VH-AHL Hawker Siddeley HS.748 2/228 1606 Ross Hornblower
VH-AMQ Hawker Siddeley HS.748 2/228 1603 Ross Hornblower

04 Oct 2017 London Stansted

5B-DCZ Airbus A320 214 2875 Cobalt Air
9H-BIG Airbus A340 312X 374 Air X Charter
B-8292 Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5422 Business Aviation Asia
C-GXMP Bombardier Challenger 604 5557 Flightpath Charter Airways
CN-SHS Embraer Lineage 1000 19000307 Dalia Air
D-AFAM Bombardier Global Express 9028 FAI Rent-a-Jet AG
D-AFAM (2)
D-AGWO Airbus A319 132 4166 Germanwings
D-IMGW Cessna Citation CJ2+ 525A0498 Air Hamburg GmbH
EI-DCK Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33565 Ryanair
EI-DWF Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33619 Ryanair
EI-DYM Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 36575 Ryanair
EI-EBG Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37525 Ryanair
EI-EBY Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35006 Ryanair
EI-EMA Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35032 Ryanair
EI-ENA Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34983 Ryanair
EI-ENG Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34977 Ryanair
EI-EPE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34984 Ryanair
EI-ESW Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34997 Ryanair
EI-EVD Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40287 Ryanair
EI-FIY Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44707 Ryanair
EI-FOE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44713 Ryanair
EI-FRR Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44739 Ryanair
EI-FZB Boeing 737NG 800/W 44775 Ryanair
EI-FZY Boeing 737NG 800/W 44798 Ryanair
G-EZIP Airbus A319 111 2514 easyJet Airline
G-EZMK Airbus A319 111 2370 easyJet Airline
G-EZTE Airbus A320 214 3913 easyJet Airline
G-JMCO Boeing 737 3T0SF 23569 West Atlantic Cargo Airlines
G-NIAA Beech King Air B200 BB-897 Northern Ireland Air Ambulance
HZ-SKY4 Airbus ACJ319 115XSL 6727 Sky Prime Aviation
LX-VCK Boeing 747 8R7F 38078 Cargolux Airlines International
M-BHBH Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6132 Aerofinance Invest Corp
M-LWSA Bombardier Global Express 9092 Imperial Jet
M-XHEC Eurocopter EC155 B 6600 Catena Aviation Ltd
N301UP Boeing 767 34AF/W 27239 United Parcel Service
N416BD Bombardier Global Express XRS 9375 TVPX ARS Inc Trustee
N428UP Boeing 757 24APF 25459 United Parcel Service
N546JN McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F 48546 Western Global Airlines
N546JN 1
N546QS Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5190 NetJets
N614FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F 48528 FedEx Express
N666ML Boeing 737NG 7BC/W BBJ 30330 HK Bellawings
N700KJ Bombardier Global Express XRS 9403 Jackson Family Enterprises Inc
N913FD Boeing 757 28ASF 24017 FedEx Express
T7-CAM Bombardier Global 6000 9698 MyJet Asia
VP-BSI Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5084 Seafalcon Ltd
VT-IAH Airbus ACJ319 115X 2837 Reliance Transport & Travel Ltd

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