Rochester 16-10-17

16 Oct 2017 Rochester
G-ANCS de Havilland Tiger Moth DH.82A 82824 Private
G-AXDI Reims/Cessna F172H 0574 Private
G-AXOJ Beagle B.121 Pup 150 B.121-109 Private
G-AXUB Britten-Norman Islander BN-2A 121 Headcorn Parachute Club
G-AZDD Bolkow Bo.209 Monsun 150FF 143 Private
G-AZHI AESL Glos-Airtourer T5 (Super 150) A.540 Private
G-BHJF SOCATA TB10 Tobago 83 Private
G-BJOV Reims/Cessna F150K 0558 Private
G-BOGI Robin DR.400 180 Regent 1821 Private
G-BRGI Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee E 28-5827 Private
G-BSLA Robin DR.400 180 Regent 1997 Private
G-BUEG Cessna 152 15280347 Private
G-CFIO Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S9079 Private
G-CGJC RotorSport UK MTO Sport RSUK/MTOS/029 John Carlton Collingwood
G-CGTM Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S9597 Private
G-CISX Cessna 172M Skyhawk 17262309 Private
G-CMBR Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S8144 Private
G-CMPA Piper PA-28R T-201 Arrow IV 28R-7918119 Private
G-CPLG RotorSport UK Cavalon Pro RSUK/CAVP/002 Commotion Aviation
G-DSFT Piper PA-28R 200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7335157 Private
G-ETIV Robin DR.400 180 Regent 2454 Private
G-EUAN Jabiru Aircraft Jabiru UL D 666 Private
G-FLIP Reims/Cessna FA152 Aerobat 0375 Private
G-FRAG Piper PA-32 300 Cherokee Six 32-7940284 Private
G-GDIA Reims/Cessna F152 1895 Private
G-HAHU Yakovlev Yak-18T 12-33 Private
G-HATB AutoGyro Europe MTO Sport RSUK/MTOS/061 Nigel James Bent
G-IPEP Beech Baron B55 TC-2259 Private
G-KIMZ Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee D 28-4870 Private
G-MFHI Europa Aviation Europa PFA 247-12841 Private
G-MRJC RotorSport UK Cavalon RSUK/CVLN/008 Tipjets Uk Ltd
G-OSVN RotorSport UK Cavalon RSUK/CVLN/007 Engetel Ltd
G-PTFE BRM Bristell NG5 Speed Wing LAA 385-15245 Private
G-RARA RotorSport UK MTO Sport RSUK/MTOS/048 Gyro School Pro Ltd
G-SKNY F.D. Composites Arrow Copter AC20 029 Christopher Rose
G-TFCC CubCrafters CC11 160 CC11-00116 Private
G-WACW Cessna 172P Skyhawk 17274057 Private
N4LV Beech Sierra A24R Super R MC-86 Private

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