Cranfield October 27th 2017


A sunny afternoon at Cranfield Airport, home of the Cranfield University.

5A-FLA AVRO 146 RJ100 E3232 Air Libya STORED
G-ASZU Cessna 150E 15061152 Private
G-ATHR Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee C 28-2343 Private
G-AVWI Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee 28-23800 Private

G-BCUO Scottish Aviation Bulldog 122A BH.120-371 Cranfield University
G-BLAC Reims/Cessna FA152 Aerobat 0370 Private
G-BMVB Reims/Cessna F152 1974 Private
G-BOYB Cessna A152 Aerobat A1520928 Private
G-BOZR Cessna 152 15284614 Private

G-BTNT Piper PA-28 151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7615401 Private
G-BWXT Slingsby T.67 M-260 Firefly 2254 Cranfield University

G-CDMH Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion P21000131 Private ON REBUILD

G-CFAB AVRO 146 RJ100 E3377 Swiss International Air Lines STORED
G-CFAC AVRO 146 RJ100 E3379 Swiss International Air Lines STORED
G-CFAD AVRO 146 RJ100 E3380 Swiss International Air Lines STORED
G-CFAE AVRO 146 RJ100 E3381 Swiss International Air Lines STORED

G-CFAH AVRO 146 RJ100 E3384 Swiss International Air Lines STORED
G-CJNS AVRO 146 RJ100 E3342 Brussels Airlines STORED
G-CSGT Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 2816069 Private
G-DLAL Beech King Air E90 LW-187 Penyland Ltd
G-DOCB Boeing 737 436 25304 Cranfield University
G-DTCP Piper PA-32R 300 Lance 32R-7780255 Private
G-FDPS Aviat Pitts Special S-2C 6066 Private
G-KRMA Cessna 425 Conquest I 425-0003 Speedstar Holdings Ltd
G-LOLA Beech Bonanza A36 E-2116 Private

G-LUXE BAe 146 301 E3001 Meteorological Research Flight

G-MAFA Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II 406-0036 Directflight
G-MDJE Cessna 208 208-00336 Loch Lomond Seaplanes

G-NFLA British Aerospace Jetstream 31-02 637 Cranfield Institute of Technology

G-OFOA BAe 146 100 E1006 Formula One Management Ltd
G-OHEA Hawker Siddeley 125 3B/RA 25144 Corporate WFU
G-RAVL Handley Page Jetstream 1 208 Cranfield Institute of Technology WFU
G-TZII Thorp T-211 B PFA 305-13285 Private WFU
LX-JFH Pilatus PC-XII 45 522 Jetfly Aviation SA

M-NTOS Textron Aviation Citation CJ4 525C0197 Selementos Ltd
N208AF Cessna 208 B 208B-0660 Aerodynamics Ltd
N208AY Cessna 208 B 208B-1146 Aerodynamics Ltd
N210BE Cessna P210N Pressurized Centurion P21000088 Southern Aircraft Consultancy

N899AG Beech Beech 99 B U-73 Skydive UK

OO-DWC AVRO 146 RJ100 E3322
SP-KWN British Aerospace Jetstream 32-01 856 Jet Air WFU
VP-BVG Bombardier Global Express XRS 9193 MVA Aviation Ltd

XS458 English Electric Lightning T.5 B1/95018 Royal Air Force



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