Toulouse day trip (Blagnac & Francazal) 31-1-2018.

The following is a log from a day trip to Toulouse flying Ryanair from/to Stansted at a bargain price (flights were less than £5 each way!). This was an extremely long day, with an 07:15 departure from STN, and a 22:15 departure from TLS in the evening. A car was hired through Ryanair for just £35 including the additional insurance, making the trip very cheap. Please note that despite buying the additional car insurance, I was told at the Goldcar desk that the insurance I purchased was worthless because it didnt cover a wide variety of potential issues with the car. Im not sure if there is any truth in that but might be worth considering in future if it is worth paying the extra money for it.

This was my fifth trip to Toulouse and my brother flew down from LHR with BA (G-EUYA) to join me, as it is very difficult to log, drive, and photograph on your own, especially as the logs need to be quite detailed to enable tie-ups later. We drove around the airfield in an anti-clockwise direction, stopping at the well reported locations available in the ‘net. We then stopped at the ‘famous’ mound although rather than risk losing the exhaust over the rough ground we parked in the restaurant gravel car park at the bottom and walked a short distance up the slope to get a clear view over the fence for photographs. Other local Spotters were also doing this – View as below from later in the day when the sun was finally out.

The last time we came here in 2017 we tried the Panorama tour from the Aeroscopia Visitors Centre but were left a bit disappointed, as there was a lot of talking by the guide whilst the coach was parked in places where aircraft were not visible, so this time we didn’t bother. The 2 museums are worth a look though, both are located at the Aeroscopia centre near the A380 assembly halls. Aircraft, are being moved around the airfield constantly, and you have to be vigilant to avoid missing stuff. Other aircraft are also departing or arriving following test flights, or circuit bashing. After a circuit we headed off to Toulouse Francazal, see description below the Toulouse log. Photos below were taken from inside the Terminal near the panoramic restaurant, the mound, or discreetly through various fences.



EC-402        A400M                            002         Airbus Industries                   Demonstrator
EC-402 1
9M-AGR      Airbus A320-251N       8050       Air Asia                                     FCS Del Centre
F-WWAI     Airbus A320-111           001        Airbus Industries Prototype
F-WNEO     Airbus A320-271N        6101      Airbus Industries Prototype
F-WWTX    Airbus A320                   7181
F-                 Airbus A320                   7619      Avianca ???? Could be mispole
F-WWDQ   Airbus A320-271N         7871     Go Air FCS VT-WDO under wing
F-WWIQ    Airbus A320-251N         7936      Capital Airlines
F-WWBK   Airbus A320-251N         7952      Capital Airlines
F-WWDK 7853
F-WWDE   Airbus A320-251N         7980      Vistara   FCS to be VT-TNH
F-WWDT   Airbus A320-251N         7992     Lucky Air (To be B-1361)
F-WWDJ    Airbus A320-251N         7995      Avianca Brazil                           (To be PR-OBO)
VT-CIH       Airbus A320-251N         8030     Air India
F-WWBJ    Airbus A320-214(SL)     8073 Aeroflot VP-BIY
F-WWIJ     Airbus A320                    8074 China Eastern
PR-OBR     Airbus A320-251N          8086 Avianca Brazil FCS
PR-YRO     Airbus A320-251N          8091 Azul Full Clrs. Departed (Departed on delivery)
F-WWBG  Airbus A320-214(SL) 8127 Air France FCS
F-WWBG 8127
F-WWBD   Airbus A320-271N 8158 Indigo
F-WWBD 8158
F-              Airbus A320-251N 8164 Loong Air                         (Primer Rear Fuselage only)
F-              Airbus A320 8167                                                       (Primer Forward Fuselage only)
F-              Airbus A320 8170 Avianca                                         (Tail Only)
ava tail
F-              Airbus A320 8184                                                        (Primer – Forward Fuselage)
F-              Airbus A320 ?? easyJet
F-              Airbus A320 ?? Vistara
F-              Airbus A320 ?? Air Asia
F-              Airbus A320 ?? Avianca
F-              Airbus A320 ?? Vueling
D-AVXA   Airbus A321N      6673 Airbus Industries Prototype (Arrived)
F-              Airbus A330 Iberia Tail clrs Parked in A380 Area
F-              Airbus A330 1848 China Southern Primer Full tail clrs
F-WWCA Airbus A330 1843 Lucky Air
F-WWCB Airbus A330-203 871 Airbus Industries Prototype
F-WWKA Airbus A330 1846 China Southern FCS Flight Test
F-WWKM Airbus A330 1819 TAP Tail clrs
F-WTTN Airbus A330 941N 1795 Airbus Industries Prototype
F-WWCA Airbus A340 Airbus Industries Prototype
ET-AVB   Airbus A350-941 180 Ethiopian Airlines
F-             Airbus A350-941 189 Thai Airways International FCS
F-             Airbus A350-941 187 Hong Kong Airlines FCS
F-             Airbus A350-941 Ethiopian
F-             Airbus A350-941 169 Cathay Pacific
F-             Airbus A350-941 206 Cathay Pacific
F-             Airbus A350-941 141 Sand Primer
F-             Airbus A350-941 125 Sand Primer
F-             Airbus A350-941 126
F-             Airbus A350-941 112 Capital Airlines
F-WZGO Airbus A350-941 202 Lufthansa White D-AIXI
F-WWDW Airbus A350-941 172 Qatar Airways A7-AMF
F-WZGW Airbus A350-941 169 Cathay Pacific Tail clrs B-LXB
F-WWXL Airbus A350-1041 071 Airbus Industries Prototype
F-WZNR Airbus A350-1041 088 Qatar Airways A7-ANA
F-WZGR Airbus A350-941 184 Lufthansa FCS D-AIXH
F-WZFW Airbus A350-941 182 Delta Airlines FCS To be N507DN
F-WWAW Airbus A350-941 187 Hong Kong Airlines B-LGD
F-WWIW Airbus A350-941 185 Thai Airways HS-THL
F-WZCZ Airbus A350-941 178 Air China
F-WZFA Airbus A350-941 052 Sichuan Airlines White
F-WZFD Airbus A350-941 189 Thai Airways HS-THM
F-WZFI Airbus A350-941 085 All White
F-WZFK Airbus A350-941 060 Sichuan Airlines FCS Del Centre
F-WZFR Airbus A350-941 098 Captal Airlines
F-WZFW Airbus A350-941 182 Delta Airlines N507DN
F-WZGA Airbus A350-941 183 Malaysian Airlines 9M-MAD
F-WZGB Airbus A350-941 192 Vietnam Airlines FCS VN-A896
F-WZGL Airbus A350-941 190 Delta Airlines FCS N508DN
F-WZGP Airbus A350-941 191 China Airlines FCS B-18916
F-WZGR Airbus A350-941 184 Lufthansa (D-AIXH)
F-WZGY Airbus A350-941 205 Ethiopian Airlines
F-WZHG Airbus A350-941 167 Air China FCS
F-WZNC Airbus A350-941 196 Ethiopian Airlines (ET-AVC)
HS-THK  Airbus A350-941 181 Thai Airways International
9V-SKV Airbus A380-841 247 Singapore Airlines Del Centre
F-WWSU Airbus A380-841 250 Emirates
F-WWTW Airbus A380-841 186 Singapore Airlines (9V-SMU)
F-WXXL Airbus A380-841 002 Airbus Industries Prototype A380 Area
F-WWEE ATR 72-600 1479 Cebu Pacific Airways FCS Arrived

Scheduled Airliners

7T-VKC Boeing 737NG 8D6/W 34166 Air Algerie
7t-vkc (2)
9A-BTD Fokker F100 11407 Trade Air (Op for HOP)
CN-RGK Boeing 737NG 8B6/W 33073 Royal Air Maroc
CS-TPP Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000441 TAP Express
CS-TPV Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000541 TAP Express
D-AEMD Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000305 Lufthansa Regional
D-AIUM Airbus A320 214SL 6577 Lufthansa
D-ALER Boeing 757 2Q8PCF 27351 DHL Air
D-ASTA Airbus A319 112 4663 Germania
D-ASTU Airbus A319 112 3533 Germania
EC-KAI ATR 42 300F 141 Swiftair (Fed Ex colours)
EC-LOX Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG 19020 Iberia Regional
EC-LPN Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG 19022 Iberia Regional
EC-MLC Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG 19048 Iberia Regional
EI-DHC Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33573 Ryanair (The ride back to Stansted plus a ramp agent upset at me for taking a picture)
EI-ENT Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35040 Ryanair
EI-FIM Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 61576 Ryanair
EI-FTG Boeing 737NG 800/W 44757 Ryanair
EI-FZA Boeing 737NG 800/W 44774 Ryanair
EI-GDS Boeing 737NG 800/W 44811 Ryanair (The ride from Stansted)
F-GKXK Airbus A320 214 2140 Air France
F-GLND Beech Beech 1900 D UE-196 Twin Jet
F-GMZD Airbus A321 111 529 Air France
F-GPME Airbus A319 113 625 Air France
F-GPMF Airbus A319 113 637 Air France
F-GPYC ATR 42 500 484 Airbus Industries
F-GRGP Embraer ERJ-135 ER 145188 Aero4M
F-GRHI Airbus A319 111 1169 Air France
F-GRZJ Bombardier CRJ 700 10096 HOP
F-GRZK Bombardier CRJ 700 10198 HOP
F-GSTB Airbus A300 B4-608ST 751 Airbus Transport International
F-GSTC Airbus A300 B4-608ST 765 Airbus Transport International
F-GSTF Airbus A300 B4-608ST 796 Airbus Transport International
F-GTAO Airbus A321 212 3098 Air France
F-GTAQ Airbus A321 212 3399 Air France
F-GTAS Airbus A321 212 3419 Air France
F-GTAX Airbus A321 212 3930 Air France
F-GTKJ Beech Beech 1900 D UE-348 Twin Jet
F-HBNA Airbus A320 214 4335 Air France
F-HBND Airbus A320 214 4604 Air France
F-HBNG Airbus A320 214 4747 Air France
F-HBNH Airbus A320 214 4800 Air France
F-HBNI Airbus A320 214 4820 Air France
F-HBNK Airbus A320 214 5084 Air France
F-HBNL Airbus A320 214 5129 Air France
F-HBXK Embraer EMB-170 LR 17000008 HOP
F-HMLC Bombardier CRJ 1000 EL NG 19006 HOP
F-HMLG Bombardier CRJ 1000 EL NG 19012 HOP
F-HMLJ Bombardier CRJ 1000 EL NG 19015 HOP
F-HPJL Embraer Phenom 300 50500274 Aerovision

G-EUPB Airbus A319 131 1115 British Airways (My brothers ride back to LHR)
G-EUYA Airbus A320 232 3697 British Airways
G-EZAI Airbus A319 111 2735 easyJet Airline
G-EZBJ Airbus A319 111 3036 easyJet Airline
G-EZFG Airbus A319 111 3845 easyJet Airline
G-EZIM Airbus A319 111 2495 easyJet Airline
G-EZIT Airbus A319 111 2538 easyJet Airline
G-EZPW Airbus A320 214SL 7549 easyJet Airline
G-EZRA Airbus A320 214SL 7597 easyJet Airline
G-EZUC Airbus A320 214 4519 easyJet Airline
I-ADJR Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000595 Air Dolomiti
OE-LCN Airbus A321 211SL 6454 niki (Positioned in from VIE, and then dep to Francazal for storage)
OE-LCP Airbus A321 211SL 6629 niki (Positioned in from VIE, and then dep to Francazal for storage)
OE-LCR Airbus A321 211SL 6719 niki (Positioned in from VIE, and then dep to Francazal for storage)
OO-SSL Airbus A319 111 1803 Brussels Airlines
OO-SSQ Airbus A319 112 3790 Brussels Airlines
OY-SRK Boeing 767 204ERBDSF 23072 Star Air
PH-BGO Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 38126 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-EXI Embraer EMB-175 STD 17000578 KLM cityhopper
TC-JHN Boeing 737NG 8F2/W 40981 Turkish Airlines

Toulouse Blagnac Overflights 31-1-18

CN-RGO Embraer EMB-190 AR 19000680 Royal Air Maroc WAW-MAD LO433
CS-TTB Airbus A319 111 755 TAP Air Portugal LEJ-MAD QY6824
D-ALEH Boeing 757 236F 23492 DHL Air LUX-ZAZ CV260
EC-IEG Airbus A320 214 1674 Iberia GVA-MAD IB3483
EC-JXV Airbus A319 111 2897 Iberia PVG-MAD IB6888
EC-JZM Airbus A321 212 2996 Iberia MAD-GVA IB3486
EC-KCU Airbus A320 216 3109 Vueling Airlines BCN-CDG VY8244
EC-KHM Airbus A319 111 3209 Iberia MAD-MUC IB3192
EC-LJX Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG 19008 Iberia Regional LIS-GVA TP948
EC-MMG Airbus A330 202 1747 Iberia LIS-ZRH LX2085
HB-IOD Airbus A321 111 522 Swiss International Air Lines MAD-LYS IB8712
LX-JCV Boeing 747 4EVERF 35171 Cargolux Airlines International GVA-CMN AT931
SP-LVA Boeing 737MAX 8 64067 LOT Polish Airlines MAD-BSL IB3260

Toulouse Francazal 31-1-18

Francazal is a short drive from Blagnac – a short drive that is, assuming the French farmers haven’t blocked the motorway which is what happened to us on the way down. Once you arrive, the area of interest is on the southern side of the runway where there are numerous ATR’s some and other stored aircraft. The car was parked near the control tower and a walk was had through the unmanned security post and up the road into the business park. Various views can be had through various gaps between hangers.

The general view across the ramps from the gate near the control tower.

6V-ASN ATR 72 600 1452 Senegal Airlines
A6-RRA Embraer ERJ-145 MP 145398 Rotana Jet Aviation
EC-IDG ATR 42 300 003 Aeronova
F-ONCL ATR 72 500 759 Air Caledonie
F-ONCL (2)
F-WNUA ATR 72 600 1047 Fastjet
F-WNUC ATR 72 600 1060 Fastjet
F-WNUD ATR 72 600 1072 Fastjet
F-WNUJ ATR 42 500 471 Aeromar
F-WWBC Airbus A320 271NSL 7757 Tianjin Airlines (Full Colours)
F-WWBC 7757
F-WWBZ Airbus A320 214SL 8053 Air Guilin
F-WWEE ATR 72 600 1456 Alliance Air
F-WWEE 1456
F-WWEI ATR 72 600 1437 Avianca
F-WWEJ ATR 72 600 1438
F-WWEL ATR 72 600 1463
F-WWER ATR 72 600 1422 Alliance Air
F-WWEU ATR 72 600 1425
F-WWID Airbus A320 271NSL 7849 West Air
F-WWTV Airbus A320 214SL 8042 Air Guilin
I-SKYB Embraer EMB-120 EU 120087 Skybridge Airops
M-IBAJ ATR 72 500 776 (White)
OE-LCN Airbus A321 211SL 6454 niki (Arrived from TLS for storage)
OE-LCR Airbus A321 211SL 6719 niki (Arrived from TLS for storage)
PR-PDE ATR 72 500 565 (‘DE’ on nose wheel door no reg carried on fuse but shown on top of wing)

There is also a pair of wings dumped near the access road – their id is unknown.

31 Jan 2018 London Stansted (05:00-07:15) & (23:30-00:00)

D-ABKM Boeing 737NG 86J/W 37755 TUIfly
EI-DAS Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33553 Ryanair
EI-DCP Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33810 Ryanair
EI-DHC Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33573 Ryanair
EI-DPT Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35550 Ryanair
EI-DPZ Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33616 Ryanair
EI-DWT Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33626 Ryanair
EI-DYD Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33632 Ryanair
EI-DYR Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37513 Ryanair
EI-DYX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37517 Ryanair
EI-DYY Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37521 Ryanair
EI-EBN Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35003 Ryanair
EI-EBP Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37531 Ryanair
EI-EFE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37533 Ryanair
EI-EFH Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35012 Ryanair
EI-EFX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35019 Ryanair
EI-EKY Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35031 Ryanair
EI-EMP Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40285 Ryanair
EI-ENX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40305 Ryanair
EI-ENZ Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40308 Ryanair
EI-EPE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34984 Ryanair
EI-EPH Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40311 Ryanair
EI-EVB Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34982 Ryanair
EI-EVL Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40299 Ryanair
EI-EVX Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 40317 Ryanair
EI-FIE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44695 Ryanair
EI-FOC Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44714 Ryanair
EI-FOE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44713 Ryanair
EI-FOT Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44730 Ryanair
EI-FOW Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44729 Ryanair
EI-FRC Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 62690 Ryanair
EI-FRE Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 62691 Ryanair
EI-FRF Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44732 Ryanair
EI-FRG Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44737 Ryanair
EI-FRR Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 44739 Ryanair
EI-FTB Boeing 737NG 800/W 44752 Ryanair
EI-FTN Boeing 737NG 800/W 44764 Ryanair
EI-FZL Boeing 737NG 800/W 44784 Ryanair
EI-FZM Boeing 737NG 800/W 44785 Ryanair
EI-FZO Boeing 737NG 800/W 44787 Ryanair
EI-FZR Boeing 737NG 800/W 44792 Ryanair
EI-GDF Boeing 737NG 800/W 44801 Ryanair
EI-GDI Boeing 737NG 800/W 44809 Ryanair
EI-GDP Boeing 737NG 800/W 44813 Ryanair
EI-GDS Boeing 737NG 800/W 44811 Ryanair (The ride to Toulouse)
G-EZEB Airbus A319 111 2120 easyJet Airline
G-EZIN Airbus A319 111 2503 easyJet Airline
G-EZWS Airbus A320 214SL 6011 easyJet Airline
G-FDZG Boeing 737NG 8K5/W 35139 TUI Airways
G-JMCO Boeing 737 3T0SF 23569 West Atlantic Cargo Airlines
LX-VCD Boeing 747 8R7F 35809 Cargolux Airlines International
OE-IJO Airbus A320 214 3922 easyJet Europe




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