Zurich Kloten 25th January 2019

Having never been to Zurich during the week of the World Economic Forum, I made the decision to head there to see what the fuss was about, and booked myself onto a 2 hour long special ramp tour organised by Buch Air Tours. Aircraft arrive and depart Zurich throughout the duration of the WEF, with some re-positioning at other airports in the region such as Basle and Geneva. Tuesday had been suggested as being the busiest however I could only make Friday 25th which was nearly the end of the conference.

I monitored various e-mails from enthusiast groups an from the information provided at the excellent website at https://dxmek.ch/zrharr/ and there were plenty of great aircraft arriving and departing during the week. Most of the ‘goodies’ had gone by Friday however, but still a good day was still had with many biz jets arriving and departing plus some government aircraft. Airliner traffic at Zurich is quite bland unless you need to hit the Swiss International fleet, in which case it could be a good excuse to combine a trip during the WEF and do some HB- bashing at the same time. the airport does get very quiet from time to time.

The day started very early at a cold and wet Luton Airport (a common theme for most trips). the car was pre-booked into the multi-Storey car park for about £30 for the day, and I had also purchased the priority lane for security screening (based on previous horrific experiences at this busy time for the airport) for about £3. I need not have worried however, because the airport was eerily quiet. Security was virtually deserted which is unheard of and I was through in no time and sipping a coffee looking out of the sleet spattered windows contemplating the day ahead.


The ride down to Zurich was on A320 G-EZWF which departed on time at 06:15. The flight time was 1hr 25min, and was a bargain at about £50 return. The weather forecast for Zurich didn’t look good on the BBC App and we arrived at about 08:45 local to cloud cover and light snow, however by the time I was up on the viewing terrace it was already starting clear which was encouraging to say the least. the deck was already open when i arrived which was earlier than on the Zurich airport website, perhaps it opens early during the WEF? Lots of spotters were already congregated on the end of the terrace to catch the action. The photo below shows the view on arrival as we taxy past ATR72 ES-ATA.


Below: Spotters eager for the action on the freezing viewing terrace. The clouds were clearing though.

I had booked myself on the 10:30 airside tour which was very reasonable at 35CHF (£26). the tours depart from an office on viewing terrace B, where hi-viz was handed out and a short briefing given. It was then a short walk down a couple of flights of steps to a waiting bus (which frustratingly had a mesh over the windows which made reading off very difficult). The tour was great though, and visited the main GA ramps and the Spotters were allowed to disembark and get up close to the aircraft under the watchful eye of the tour guides. The length of the tour was 2 hours.
Below: The class of 2019 is about to depart.

tour group


It is a very rare privilege to get this close to aircraft at a large commercial airport, and I applaud the airport and Buch Air Tours for organising these tours.

After the tour I moved to the well publicised car park P6, where aircraft arriving on rwy 14 can be seen in the distance, and departing aircraft from runway 28 taxy right past. I positioned myself on the penultimate floor with other spotters, unaware that access is available to the top floor for pedestrians by walking past the vehicle barrier on level 10 and up the ramp (credit; Simon Butler). By 3:30pm the temperature was dropping and I retreated to the Terminal to get through security (horrendous queues and pushing in) and then grab a coffee in terminal A to watch the action. At 7pm the gate for my return flight was on the screen which necessitated a transfer to the midfield terminal (E). This is done via passport control and then an underground train which had the sound of cows mooing playing instead of music which was a bit different. I was pleased to discover that Terminal E has a viewing terrace though, however the temperature was now well below zero so it was only a brief visit.

Verdict: A very enjoyable day with many biz jets. Scheduled traffic at Zurich is a bit bland, however on a sunny day it makes for a pleasant way to spend the day and the tour was fantastic. I would most definitely visit again for the WEF but would prob try and do a Tuesday/Wednesday.

On with the logs:

25-Jan-19 Zurich

4O-AOB Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000283 Montenegro Airlines
4X-EKF Boeing 737NG 8HX/W 29638 EL AL
9A-CQB Bombardier DHC-8 402 4211 Croatia Airlines
9H-AEP Airbus A320 214 3056 Air Malta
9V-SKZ Airbus A380 841 255 Singapore Airlines
A4O-DC Airbus A330 243 1049 Oman Air
A6-EOZ Airbus A380 861 210 Emirates Airline
A7-ALL Airbus A350 941 36 Qatar Airways
A7-AMG Airbus A350 941 207 Qatar Airways
B-KPO Boeing 777 367ER 36160 Cathay Pacific Airways
C-GFAH Airbus A330 343X 279 Air Canada
CS-TPS Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000493 TAP Express
D-ABBD Boeing 737NG 86J/W 30880 Eurowings
D-ABHF Airbus A320 214 2749 Eurowings
D-ABMV Boeing 737NG 86J/W 37785 Eurowings
D-ABZN Airbus A320 216 3080 Eurowings
D-AECI Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000381 Lufthansa Regional
D-AEWM Airbus A320 214SL 7259 Eurowings
d-aewm 1
D-AEWS Airbus A320 214SL 7439 Eurowings
D-AEWT Airbus A320 214SL 7534 Eurowings
D-AGWJ Airbus A319 132 3375 Eurowings
D-AGWO Airbus A319 132 4166 Eurowings
D-AIBC Airbus A319 112 4332 Lufthansa
D-AIRH Airbus A321 131 412 Lufthansa
EC-IXD Airbus A321 212 2220 Iberia
EC-KRJ Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000196 Air Europa Express
EC-MSB Bombardier CRJ 1000 NG 19057 Iberia Regional
EC-MYC Airbus A320 232SL 8238 Vueling Airlines
EI-DEK Airbus A320 214 2399 Aer Lingus
EI-RDC Embraer EMB-175 STD 17000333 Alitalia
EI-RDI Embraer EMB-175 STD 17000340 Alitalia
ES-ATA ATR 72 600 1038 Nordica
F-GLNE Beech Beech 1900 D UE-197 Twin Jet
F-GRHL Airbus A319 111 1201 Air France
F-GRHZ Airbus A319 111 1622 Air France
F-HBAL Airbus A319 111 2870 Aigle Azur
G-EUOG Airbus A319 131 1594 British Airways
G-EUPN Airbus A319 131 1261 British Airways
G-EZBE Airbus A319 111 2884 easyJet Airline
G-EZGB Airbus A319 111 4437 easyJet Airline
G-EZMK Airbus A319 111 easyJet Airline
G-EZTY Airbus A320 214 4554 easyJet Airline
G-EZUW Airbus A320 214 5116 easyJet Airline
G-EZWF Airbus A320 214 5319 easyJet Airline
G-EZWV Airbus A320 214SL 6177 easyJet Airline
G-LCYK Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000343 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYO Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000430 BA CityFlyer
G-LCYU Embraer EMB-190 SR 19000674 BA CityFlyer
G-MEDM Airbus A321 231 2799 British Airways
HB-IHX Airbus A320 214 942 Edelweiss Air
HB-IHY Airbus A320 214 947 Edelweiss Air
HB-IHZ Airbus A320 214 1026 Edelweiss Air
HB-IJD Airbus A320 214 553 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJE Airbus A320 214 559 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJI Airbus A320 214 577 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJK Airbus A320 214 596 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJL Airbus A320 214 603 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJM Airbus A320 214 635 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJN Airbus A320 214 643 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJP Airbus A320 214 681 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJQ Airbus A320 214 701 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJR Airbus A320 214 703 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJS Airbus A320 214 782 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IJU Airbus A320 214 1951 Edelweiss Air
HB-IJW Airbus A320 214 2134 Edelweiss Air
HB-IOC Airbus A321 111 520 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOD Airbus A321 111 522 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOF Airbus A321 111 541 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOH Airbus A321 111 664 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOK Airbus A321 111 987 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOL Airbus A321 111 1144 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOM Airbus A321 211 4534 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IOO Airbus A321 212SL 7007 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPT Airbus A319 112 727 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPU Airbus A319 112 713 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPX Airbus A319 112 612 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-IPY Airbus A319 112 621 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JBA Bombardier C Series 100 50010 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JBD Bombardier C Series 100 50013 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JBE Bombardier C Series 100 50014 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JBF Bombardier C Series 100 50015 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCA Bombardier C Series 300 55010 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCB Bombardier C Series 300 55011 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCC Bombardier C Series 300 55012 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCE Bombardier C Series 300 55014 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCG Bombardier C Series 300 55020 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCH Bombardier C Series 300 55021 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCJ Bombardier C Series 300 55025 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCK Bombardier C Series 300 55027 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCL Bombardier C Series 300 55029 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCO Bombardier C Series 300 55033 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCO Bombardier C Series 300 55033 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCQ Airbus A220 300 55040 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCR Airbus A220 300 55044 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCS Airbus A220 300 55045 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JCT Airbus A220 300 55046 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHA Airbus A330 343E 1000 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHF Airbus A330 343E 1089 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHG Airbus A330 343E 1101 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHH Airbus A330 343E 1145 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHI Airbus A330 343E 1181 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHJ Airbus A330 343E 1188 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHK Airbus A330 343E 1276 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHL Airbus A330 343E 1290 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHM Airbus A330 343E 1355 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHN Airbus A330 343E 1403 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JHQ Airbus A330 343E 1193 Edelweiss Air
HB-JHR Airbus A330 343E 1711 Edelweiss Air
HB-JJK Airbus A320 214 1692 Edelweiss Air
HB-JJL Airbus A320 214 2606 Edelweiss Air
HB-JJM Airbus A320 214 2627 Edelweiss Air
HB-JLQ Airbus A320 214 4673 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JLR Airbus A320 214 5037 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JLS Airbus A320 214 5069 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JLT Airbus A320 214SL 5518 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JMA Airbus A340 313E 538 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JMB Airbus A340 313E 545 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JME Airbus A340 313E 559 Edelweiss Air
HB-JMF Airbus A340 313E 561 Edelweiss Air
HB-JMG Airbus A340 313E 562 Edelweiss Air
HB-JMI Airbus A340 313E 598 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JNB Boeing 777 3DEER 44583 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JND Boeing 777 3DEER 44585 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JNE Boeing 777 3DEER 44586 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JNJ Boeing 777 300ER 62755 Swiss International Air Lines
HB-JOG Airbus A319 112 3818 Germania Flug
HB-JOI Airbus A321 211SL 5843 Germania Flug
HB-JVF Fokker F100 11466 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVG Fokker F100 11478 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVL Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000354 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVM Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000349 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVN Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000285 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVO Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000294 Helvetic Airways
HB-JVQ Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000420 Helvetic Airways
HL7208 Boeing 787 9 34817 Korean Air
HS-TKZ Boeing 777 3D7ER 42115 Thai Airways International
HZ-AK44 Boeing 777 300ER 62764 Government of Saudi Arabia
I-ADJL Embraer EMB-195 LR 19000256 Air Dolomiti
LN-TUL Boeing 737NG 705/W 29097 Scandinavian Airlines System
LZ-PLO Embraer EMB-190 AR 19000584 Bulgaria Air
N76055 Boeing 767 424ER 29450 United Airlines
N76065 Boeing 767 424ER 29460 United Airlines
N855NW Airbus A330 223 621 Delta Air Lines
OE-IVT Airbus A320 214SL 7632 easyJet Europe
OE-IZU Airbus A320 214 4013 easyJet Europe
OE-LBK Airbus A320 214 1931 Austrian
OE-LBM Airbus A320 214 1504 Austrian
OE-LDA Airbus A319 111 2131 Austrian
OE-LDE Airbus A319 112 2494 Austrian
OE-LGM Bombardier DHC-8 402 NG 4319 Austrian
oe-lgm 2
OE-LGP Bombardier DHC-8 402 4016 Austrian
OE-LGQ Bombardier DHC-8 402 4003 Austrian
OH-LKP Embraer EMB-190 LR 19000416 Finnair
OY-KAN Airbus A320 232 2958 Scandinavian Airlines System
OY-KAP Airbus A320 232 3086 Scandinavian Airlines System
PH-BGK Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 38054 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BXW Boeing 737NG 8K2/W 30360 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-EXF Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000690 KLM cityhopper
S5-AAN Bombardier CRJ 900 ER NG 15207 Adria Airways
S5-AFA Bombardier CRJ 900 ER 15057 Adria Airways
S5-AFF Saab 2000 48 Adria Airways
SE-RES Boeing 737NG 7BX 30737 Scandinavian Airlines System
SE-ROP Airbus A320 251NSL 8350 Scandinavian Airlines System
SP-LNK Embraer EMB-195 AR 19000247 LOT Polish Airlines
TC-JOU Airbus A330 243F 1550 Turkish Airlines
TC-LOE Airbus A330 343E 1592 Turkish Airlines
TC-LOH Airbus A330 223 1213 Turkish Airlines
TC-NBS Airbus A320 251NSL 8198 Pegasus Airlines
TC-SOE Boeing 737NG 800/W 61177 SunExpress
UR-PSZ Boeing 737NG 86N/W 36820 Ukraine International Airlines
VQ-BWF Boeing 737NG 8LJ/W 41214 Aeroflot Russian Airlines
YL-BBR Boeing 737 31S 29266 Air Baltic
(YL-HLG) Mil Mi-8 T 99147444 Preserved as ‘Heligrill’
YU-APF Airbus A319 132 3317 Air Serbia

Government/Corporate/General Aviation

14+01 Bombardier Global 5000 9395 German Air Force
258 Bombardier Learjet 45 45-234 Irish Air Corps
3085 Airbus ACJ319 115X 3085 Czech Air Force
4L-GAA Bombardier Challenger 850 8046 Airzena Georgian Airways
9A-CRO Bombardier Challenger 604 5322 Government of Croatia
9H-HAM Dassault Falcon 2000LX 245 Avcon Jet Malta Ltd
9H-ILB Bombardier Challenger 850 8107 Vista Jet Malta
9H-VJJ Bombardier Global 6000 9604 Vista Jet Malta
A4O-AE Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5325 Oman Royal Flight
A6-HHH Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6079 Dubai Air Wing
A6-VPS Gulfstream Aerospace G450 4321 Falcon Aviation Services
A6-YMA Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5536 Falcon Aviation Services
C-FCDE Bombardier Challenger 605 5938 Skyservice Business Aviation
CS-CHC Bombardier Challenger 350 20572 NetJets Europe
CS-DFF Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy 41 NetJets Europe
CS-DSE Hawker Beechcraft Corp Hawker 900XP HA-0204 Executive Jet Management (Europe)
CS-DUC Hawker Beechcraft Corp Hawker 750 HB-6 NetJets Europe
CS-DXP Cessna Citation XLS 560-5702 NetJets Europe
CS-GLC Bombardier Global 6000 9533 NetJets Europe
CS-GLE Bombardier Global 6000 9638 NetJets Europe
CS-PHJ Embraer Phenom 300 50500336 NetJets Europe
D-AWIN Embraer Legacy 650 14501231 Air Hamburg GmbH
D-BEAM Bombardier Challenger 300 20452 Jet Pool Network Luftverkehrs GmbH
D-CAUW Cessna Citation Encore 560-0578 SFD Stuttgarter Flugdienst
D-CEFO Cessna Citation XLS+ 560-6082 Air Hamburg GmbH
F-GSCR Cessna Citation CJ3 525B0264 Unijet SA
G-MAZS Bombardier Global 6000 9549 Gama Aviation
HB-CHX Reims/Cessna F172P 2220 Private
HB-CYH Cessna 172P Skyhawk 17274157 Private
HB-DWC Mooney M.20C Mark 21 3269 Private
HB-JFK Embraer Phenom 100 50000062 Premium Jet AG
HB-JOB Dassault Falcon 7X 80 CAT Aviation AG
HB-JRG Bombardier Challenger 604 5659 Premium Jet AG
HB-JRI Bombardier Global 5000 9627 ExecuJet Europe AG
hb-jri 1
HB-JSK Bombardier Global 6000 9805 ExecuJet Europe AG
HB-JSS Dassault Falcon 7X 2 CAT Aviation AG
HB-JUC Dassault Falcon 7X 167 CAT Aviation AG
HB-JUF Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6118 Swiss Jet AG
HB-JWB Bombardier Challenger 650 6105 Swiss Air Ambulance AG
HB-KMA Cirrus Design SR22T 1078 Private
HB-LEL Piper PA-34 200 Seneca 34-7350313 Private
HB-LEM Piper PA-34 200 Seneca 34-7350327 Private
HB-LWW Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 NG 42.N337 Private
HB-RSC Lockheed Super Constellation C-121C 4175 Super Constellation Flyers Association
HB-SDL Diamond Aircraft Diamond Sta r DA40D D4.315 Private
HB-VLX Pilatus PC-24 108 Premium Jet AG
HB-VPG Embraer Phenom 300 50500068 Jet Aviation Business Jets AG
HB-ZHK Robinson R44 Raven II 11283 Heli Sitterdorf
HB-ZJD Eurocopter EC135 P1 8 Lions Air Skymedia AG
HB-ZJE Eurocopter EC135 6 Lions Air Skymedia AG
HB-ZKQ Eurocopter EC120B Colibri 1316 Heli Zurich AG
HB-ZNK Leonardo AW.109 SP Grand New 22372 Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd
HB-ZOL Eurocopter EC155 B1 6791 Heli-Link Helikopter
hb-zol (2)
HB-ZQI Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK 117 D-2 (H145) 20225 Swiss Air Ambulance AG
HB-ZQJ Airbus Helicopters MBB-BK 117 D-2 (H145) 20232 Swiss Air Ambulance AG
HB-ZQK AgustaWestland AW.139 31711 DC Aviation Switzerland AG
HB-ZSM Agusta A.109 S Grand 22129 Lions Air Skymedia AG
HL7227 Boeing 737NG 7HF/W BBJ 35977 Hanwha Chemical Corporation
I-AWTK AgustaWestland AW.139 31353 Monacair
I-CABD Cessna Citation CJ1 525-0354 Interfly SRL (Undergoing maint. engine cover removed)
I-GGLC Cessna Citation II 550-0081 Aeropa SRL
JY-RYN Cessna Citation VII 650-7029 Raya Jet Executive Jet Charters
LX-JFH Pilatus PC-XII 45 522 Jetfly Aviation SA
M-IAMI Dassault Falcon 7X 230 Artjet Ltd
M-PIRA Embraer Legacy 600 14501016 Empira AG
M-SAMA Bombardier Global 6000 9579 Jet Aviation Business Jets AG
M-SKSM Bombardier Global 5000 9227 Skyline Aviation Ltd
M-VITB Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6250 Sky Prime Aviation
M-VRNY Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5225 TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
M-YVVF Bombardier Global 6000 9590 Global Jet IOM Ltd
N101FU Cessna Citation Mustang 510-0207 Progress Solutions AG
N102DZ Gulfstream Aerospace GV 555 Aviation Enterprises Inc
N10HD Bombardier Global 6000 9682 Sun Air Jets LLC
N113CS Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6090 Key Air
n113cs 1
N123KH Dassault Falcon 2000EX EASy 122 Jet Aviation Flight Services Inc
N145QS Bombardier Global 6000 9598 NetJets
N148QS Bombardier Global 6000 9648 NetJets
N150QS Bombardier Global 6000 9657 NetJets
N154QS Bombardier Global 6000 9804 NetJets
N155QS Bombardier Global 6000 9832 NetJets
N168NJ Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5359 Executive Jet Management
N221DG Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6061 Executive Jet Management
N25CP Gulfstream Aerospace GV 527 Canyon Partners LLC
N282SA Cessna Citation I 500-0282 Jet Club Aviation
N311CG Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6064 Crimson Group Inc
N3788B Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5389 Jet Aviation Flight Services Inc
N380ER Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6166 LBMA Equipment Services Inc
N393BV Bombardier Global Express XRS 9385 IAC Falcon Holdings Inc
N40TE Bombardier Global 5000 9674 Executive Jet Management
N429DD Gulfstream Aerospace GIV SP 1293 Basurven Servicios Sanitarios CA
N524EA Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6012 Landmark Aviation
N586RW Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5448 Coca-Cola Company
N588G Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5488 General Dynamics Corp
n588g 1
N5MV Dassault Falcon 900EX EASy 221 Wing & Rotor Transportation Holdings LLC
N60TE Bombardier Global 6000 9812 Executive Jet Management
N625TX Cessna Citation Mustang 510-0219 Jean-Paul Clozel
N651BA Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6287 Bank of America
N651CH Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6060 JP Morgan Chase Bank
N651XA Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6211 Saudi Aramco
N652BA Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6130 Bank of America
N6D Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6126 Jet Aviation Flight Services
N710MS Cessna Citation Sovereign 680-0162 Lech Air GmbH
N727DL Saab-Fairchild 340 A 36 Napleton Aviation Group LLC
N780F Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5261 IBM Corp
N811TM Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6281 Toyota Motor Sales USA Inc
N817X Dassault Falcon 7X 208 McAfee & Taft
N828PD SOCATA TB21 Trinidad TC 1085 Private
N886WT Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6017 Qualcomm Inc
N910AF Gulfstream Aerospace GIV SP 1312 Solairus Aviation
N931FL Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5515 Hewlett-Packard Company
OE-FZE Cessna Citation Mustang 510-0217 Globe Air AG
OE-GBR Cessna Citation XLS 560-5749 ABC Bedarfsflug GmbH
OE-GCH Cessna Citation Bravo 550-1022 Speedwings Executive Jet GmbH
OE-GXX Bombardier Learjet 40 XR 45-2112 International Jet Management GmbH
OE-LEO Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6278 Global Jet Austria GmbH
OK-BEE Raytheon Aircraft Company 400XP RK-293 Jetbee Czech Sro
OK-RAH Raytheon Aircraft Company 400XP RK-413 Time Air
OK-UGJ Cessna Citation Sovereign 680-0324 Travel Service Airlines
OM-BYC Fokker F100 11368 Government of Slovakia
OO-PCK Pilatus PC-XII NG 47E 1611 European Aircraft Private Club
OY-VAY Bombardier Challenger 605 5889 Execujet Scandinavia
P4-WWS Bombardier Global 6000 9795 WideWorld Services Ltd
VN-A868 Boeing 787 9 39288 Vietnam Airlines
vn-a868 1
VP-BCL Bombardier CRJ 700 10247 Consolidated Contractors
VP-CIO Bombardier Learjet 60 XR 60-350 Nexus Flight Operations Service LLC
VP-CPG Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6202 Hong Kong Jet
VQ-BMZ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6102 Government of Jordan
VQ-BNZ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6158 Government of Jordan
VT-CPA Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5427 Poonawalla Aviation P/L
VT-HMA Bombardier Global Express XRS 9317 Reliance Transport & Travel Ltd
VT-IAH Airbus ACJ319 115X 2837 Reliance Transport & Travel Ltd
YU-PMK Textron Aviation Citation XLS+ 560-6220 Air Pink
YU-PNK Textron Aviation Citation XLS+ 560-6209 Air Pink
Z3-MKD Bombardier Learjet 60 60-279 Government of Macedonia
ZE701 BAe 146 CC.2 E1029 Royal Air Force

3 thoughts on “Zurich Kloten 25th January 2019

  1. Hi Martin,nice report and pictures.I was in Zurich from 21/1 to 25/1 and the roof of car park 6 was open to pedestrians.If you went to the far right end of the new section on level 10 there was a ramp up to it,it was closed by a barrier for cars but spotters just walked round it to access the roof.It was glorious in the sun on Friday,police visited a couple of times but no hassle.Regards,Simon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Simon, thats good to know for next time. There were a couple of other spotters with me on the lower deck one of whom was a local, as such I didnt even consider looking further – doh!


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