Booker, Brooklands Museum, london Heathrow 15-5-19

The prospect of a sunny day took us on a rare mid-week outing to the Brooklands Museum with a brief stop at Wycombe air park (Booker) en route. After the museum it was over to Heathrow to catch the arrivals on 09 for the afternoon/evening.

Booker 10:00-10:25
After checking in with the flying club, limited airside access was granted (no hanger access) – hi viz required.

D-EAJG Robin DR.300 180R Remorqueur 712 Private
G-AVOZ Piper PA-28 180 Cherokee C 28-3711 Private
G-AWFJ Piper PA-28R 180 Cherokee Arrow 28R-30688 Private
G-BEHU Piper PA-34 200T Seneca II 34-7670265 Private
G-BGWM Piper PA-28 181 Archer II 28-7990458 Private
G-BMIV Piper PA-28R 201T Turbo Arrow III 28R-7703154 Private
G-BMIZ Robinson R22 Beta 0505 Heli Air Ltd
G-BNKR Cessna 152 15281284 Booker Aviation
G-BNUL Cessna 152 15284486 Private
G-BODR Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8116318 British Airways Flying Club
G-BSVG Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-8516013 British Airways Flying Club
G-CDXK Diamond Aircraft Twin Star DA42 42.136 Booker Aviation
G-DRGS Cessna 182S Skylane 18280375 Private
G-EGLL Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7816257 British Airways Flying Club
G-HOCA Robinson R44 Raven II 12388 JRS Aviation Ltd
G-KOTA Piper PA-28 236 Dakota 28-8011044 Private
G-LROK Robinson R66 0581 London Rock Supplies Ltd
G-OJAG Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S9794 Private
G-RRED Piper PA-28 181 Archer III 2843673 Private
G-TREC Cessna 421C Golden Eagle 421C0838 Private
G-VOUS Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S11266 Private
G-WACB Reims/Cessna F152 1972 Booker Aviation
G-WACU Reims/Cessna FA152 Aerobat 0380 Booker Aviation
N425DK Cessna 425 Conquest I 425-0086 N425DK Inc Trustee
WK609 de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0618

Brooklands Museum 11:10-14:05


A4O-AB Vickers VC-10 1103 820 Government of Oman
E-421 Hawker Hunter F.51 41H-680280
G-AACA Avro Avro 504K Private
G-AGRU Vickers Viking 1 112 Channel Airways
G-APEP Vickers Vanguard 953 719 Hunting Cargo Airlines
G-APIM Vickers Viscount 806 412 British Air Ferries
G-ARVM Vickers VC-10 1101 815 British Overseas Airways Corporation (Fuselage)

G-ASJB British Aircraft Corp One-Eleven 201AC 006 British Aircraft Corporation (Wing section Only)
G-ASYD British Aircraft Corp One-Eleven 475AM 053 British Aerospace
G-BBDG Aerospatiale/BAC Concorde 100 202 British Aerospace
G-CHOI Amateur Built White Monoplane 1912 Canard Pusher 1 Private
G-CJAU Amateur Built White Monoplane Sports Monoplane JA002 Private
G-EBED Vickers Viking IV 17 Private
G-LOTI Reproduction Bleriot XI Replica PFA 088-10410 Private
G-VTOL Hawker Siddeley Harrier T.52 212012
K5673 Reproduction Fury I Static Replica
N2980 Vickers Wellington IA Royal Air Force
NX71MY Reproduction Vimy Replica 01
WF372 Vickers Varsity 648/T.1 531 Royal Air Force
XD816 Vickers Valiant BK.1 Royal Air Force (Nose section)
XF368 Hawker Hunter F.51 41H-680271
XN586 Hunting Percival Jet Provost T.3A PAC/W/12730 Royal Air Force
XP984 Hawker Siddeley Kestrel P.1127 Mk.1 Royal Air Force
XT575 Vickers Viscount 837 438 QineticQ (Front Section)
XV741 Hawker Siddeley Harrier GR.3 712004 Royal Navy

Z2389 Hawker Hurricane IIa Private
ZA101 British Aerospace Hawk Mk.50 41H/4020010 BAE Systems

VC10 cockpit (unknown)

Viscount Rudders (Unknown)


After lunch at the museum, it was over to Heathrow to meet up with a fellow spotter from Holland for the evening arrivals from the Far East. Poor light meant that the Air China A350 due at 21:00 was left for another day. Spotting was undertaken from the top of the grass bank near T5, and then as the sun moved around, adjacent to the busy roundabout on the Stanwell Moor Road. the car was parked off of the road on a patch of ground adjacent to the Bath Road. Some other spotters who had parked earlier than us had received parking tickets although there are no signs, or road markings warning of restrictions. In the future it may be easier/safer to park in the T5 short term and walk back to the grass bank (although a day parking in T5 may cost more than a parking ticket!)

London Heathrow 15-5-19 15:00-20:00

5Y-KZH Boeing 787 8 36045 Kenya Airways
9A-CTH Airbus A319 112 833 Croatia Airlines
9M-MAB Airbus A350 941 159 Malaysia Airlines
9V-SKM Airbus A380 841 65 Singapore Airlines
9V-SWL Boeing 777 312ER 34577 Singapore Airlines
A6-EDV Airbus A380 861 101 Emirates Airline
A6-EEN Airbus A380 861 135 Emirates Airline
A6-EER Airbus A380 861 139 Emirates Airline
A7-AFI Airbus A330 243F 1688 Qatar Airways
A7-AMG Airbus A350 941 207 Qatar Airways
A9C-FF Boeing 787 9 39985 Gulf Air
B-1017 Airbus A330 343E 1829 Shenzhen Airlines
B-1242 Boeing 787 9 63978 China Southern Airlines
B-2037 Boeing 777 39LER 38677 Air China
B-6115 Airbus A330 243 909 Air China
B-7349 Boeing 777 39PER 43279 China Eastern Airlines
B-7835 Boeing 787 9 62712 Hainan Airlines
B-8596 Airbus A330 243 1805 Tianjin Airlines
B-KQE Boeing 777 367ER 41432 Cathay Pacific Airways
CS-PHL Embraer Phenom 300 50500460 NetJets Europe
CS-TJI Airbus A321 251NSL 8270 TAP Air Portugal
D-AIDP Airbus A321 231 5049 Lufthansa
D-AINP Airbus A320 271NSL 8622 Lufthansa
D-AINU Airbus A320 271NSL 8728 Lufthansa
D-AIQU Airbus A320 211 1365 Lufthansa
D-AIUZ Airbus A320 214SL 7625 Lufthansa
D-AKNP Airbus A319 112 1155 Eurowings
D-AKNS Airbus A319 112 1277 Eurowings
D-AKNU Airbus A319 112 2628 Eurowings
D-AZMO Airbus A300 F4-622RF 872 DHL Air
EC-IEG Airbus A320 214 1674 Iberia
EC-MVE Airbus A320 232SL 8130 Vueling Airlines
EI-DSY Airbus A320 216 3666 Alitalia
EI-SIF Airbus A320 251NSL 8109 Scandinavian Airlines Ireland
EI-SIG Airbus A320 251NSL 8333 Scandinavian Airlines Ireland
EI-SIH Airbus A320 251NSL 8551 Scandinavian Airlines Ireland
EI-SII Airbus A320 251NSL 8566 Scandinavian Airlines Ireland
F-HBLK Embraer EMB-190 AR 19000760 Air France HOP
G-JECL Bombardier DHC-8 402 4114 Flybe
G-JEDP Bombardier DHC-8 402 4085 Flybe
G-NEOP Airbus A321 251NXSL 8469 British Airways
G-NEOU Airbus A321 251NXSL 8804 British Airways
G-TTND Airbus A320 251NSL 8308 British Airways
G-TTNJ Airbus A320 251NSL 8772 British Airways
HB-JCP Bombardier C Series 300 55036 Swiss International Air Lines
HL7614 Airbus A380 861 68 Korean Air
HS-TKK Boeing 777 3ALER 41520 Thai Airways International
HZ-AK36 Boeing 777 300ER 61599 Saudi Arabian Airlines
HZ-AK37 Boeing 777 300ER 61594 Saudi Arabian Airlines
JA791A Boeing 777 381ER 60137 All Nippon Airways
LN-RGO Airbus A320 251NSL 7352 Scandinavian Airlines System
N794AV Boeing 787 8 39406 Avianca
OH-LTM Airbus A330 302E 994 Finnair
PH-BGM Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 39255 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-BGR Boeing 737NG 7K2/W 39446 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
PH-EZU Embraer EMB-190 STD 19000522 KLM cityhopper
SP-LWA Boeing 737NG 89P/W 30682 LOT Polish Airlines
TC-LOC Airbus A330 343E 1542 Turkish Airlines
V8-DLB Boeing 787 8 34786 Royal Brunei Airlines
VT-ANA Boeing 787 8 36273 Air India
ZK-OKP Boeing 777 319ER 39041 Air New Zealand

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