Turweston and London Luton 14th July 2019

The weekend of the British Grand Prix, is always a great weekend for aviation, and when the Grand prix coincides with the Wimbledon mens final, its even better. Race sunday is a great day for helicopter movements, with numerous machines operating to the circuit. Prior to the race commencing, the airspace around the circuit is closed to allow the red Arrows to perform, and as a result many helicopters position from Silvertsone, to the nearby airfield of Turweston. This makes for quite a spectacle and is always worth a visit. The airfield also attracts fixed wing aircraft and is home to several maintenance facilities. An airside walk is usually also arranged for a small contribution to the local air ambulance charity which enables some up close photos of the aircraft. It was typical British summer weather unfortunately, with overcast skies and occasional rain showers. the sun did appear later though.


Above: Hundreds of Enthusiasts walk the line of Helicopters.

After Turweston, it was then a trip to Luton, to catch the additional movements allied to both the Grand Prix and Wimbledon final.


Hangers were left partially open to allow enthusiasts to see inside which was appreciated. The restoration hanger had a list of occupants affixed outside for even more convenience.

On with the log:

Sun 14 Jul 2019 Turweston
D-EARY Focke-Wulf/Piaggio P.149 D 057 Private
EI-GSM Cessna 182S Skylane 18280188 Private
F-GITZ American-General AG-5B Tiger 10140 Private
G-ABDA de Havilland Gipsy Moth DH.60G 1284 Private
G-AIXN Benes-Mraz Sokol M.1C 112 Private
G-AJWB Miles Messenger 2A 6699 Private
G-AOSK de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0178 Private
G-ASIT Cessna 180 32567 Private
G-AVDF Beagle B.121 Pup 100 B.121-001 Private
G-AWXZ SNCAN Stampe SV-4 C 360 Bianchi Aviation File Services Ltd
G-AXXW S.A.N. Jodel D.117 632 Private
G-BAIG Piper PA-34 200 Seneca 34-7250243 Mid-Anglia School of Flying
G-BAXZ Piper PA-28 140 Cherokee C 28-26760 Private
G-BBLU Piper PA-34 200 Seneca 34-7350271 Private
G-BBMR de Havilland DHC-1 Chipmunk 22 C1/0213 Private
G-BCAZ Piper PA-12 Super Cruiser 12-2312 Private
G-BDBD Wittman Tailwind W.8 133 Private
G-BDIE Rockwell Commander 112 A 342 Private
G-BGMR Gardan Minicab JB-01 PFA 056-10153 Private
G-BGOG Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7916350 Private
G-BGPJ Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7916288 Private
G-BHDE SOCATA TB10 Tobago 58 Private
G-BHFK Piper PA-28 151 Cherokee Warrior 28-7615088 G-BHFK Flying Group
G-BHSE Rockwell Commander 114 B 14161
G-BNYZ SNCAN Stampe SV-4 E 200 Bianchi Aviation Film Services Ltd
G-BOKX Piper PA-28 161 Warrior II 28-7816680 Private
G-BPHG Robin DR.400 180 Regent 1887 Private
G-BPOB Reproduction Camel F.1 Replica TM-10 Private
G-BSRR Cessna 182Q Skylane 18266915 Private
G-BTKA Piper J-5 A Cub Cruiser 5-954 Private
G-BUCK CASA Jungmann 1-131E Srs.1000 1113 Private
G-BVGP Dornier Bucker Jungmeister Bu 133 42 Bianchi Aviation Film Services
G-BXOX Grumman American AA-5A Cheetah AA5A-0694 Private
G-BZIT Beech Baron B55 TC-564 Private
G-BZLC PZL-Okecie PZL-110 Koliber 160A 04980084 Private
G-BZXZ Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 BH.120-294 Private
G-CBCB Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 BH.120-223 Private
G-CIFY Piper PA-28 181 Archer III 2843010 Private
G-CIIC Piper PA-18 150 Super Cub 18-5356 Private
G-CIMD Alpi Aviation Pioneer 400 LAA 364-15302 Private
G-CKIH Agusta A.109 S Grand 22047 Heli Delta BV
G-CMCL Leonardo AW.169 69017 Bradbury Estates LLP
G-CMCL  -  Leonardo AW169  -  CMCL Partnership  -  EGBT 14-7-19
G-DAAZ Piper PA-28R T-201T Turbo Arrow IV 28R-7931247 Private
G-DCAM Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 NP 5750 GB Helicopters Ltd
G-DCAM  -  Airbus Helicopters AS355NP Ecureuil  -  GB Helicopters  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-DDOG Scottish Aviation Bulldog T.1 BH.120-210 Private
G-DTFF Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane T18208474 Private
G-ELDR Piper PA-32 260 Cherokee Six 32-7400027 Private
G-ELRT Sopwith Pup Private
G-EMHE Agusta A.109 S Grand 22182 East Midlands Helicopters
G-EMHN Agusta A.109 S Grand 22154 East Midlands Helicopters
G-ERKN Eurocopter Squirrel AS.350 B3 3587 Jet Helicopters
G-ERKN  -  Eurocopter AS350B3 Ecureuil  -  Jet Helicopters  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-ETLX Piper PA-28R 200 Cherokee Arrow II 28R-7635119 Private
G-FEWG Fuji FA-200 160 Aero Subaru 232 Private
G-FEZZ Agusta-Bell AB.206B Jet Ranger II 8317 Richard John Myram
G-FIFI SOCATA TB20 Trinidad 688 Private
G-FOXO Aeropro EuroFox 912(S) LAA 376-15165 Private
G-GFCB Piper PA-28 161 Cadet 2841101 Private
G-GHZJ SOCATA TB9 Tampico Club 941 Private
G-GOLX Europa Aviation Europa XS Tri-Gear PFA 247-13510 LX Avionics Ltd
G-GREM MD Helicopters MD 600N RN053 Gremlin Air LLP
G-GREM  -  MD Helicopters MD600N  -  Private  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135 T2+ 0574 Capital Air Services
G-HOTB Eurocopter EC155 B1 6789 Multiflight
G-IPGL AgustaWestland AW.109 SP Grand New 22258 IPGL Helicopters Ltd
G-ITST Europa Aviation Europa PFA 247-12821 Private
G-IWPI AgustaWestland AW.109 SP Grand New 22299 GB Helicopters Ltd
G-IWPI  -  Agusta  A109SP Grand New  -  GB Helicopters  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-JHMP SOCATA TB20 Trinidad 858 Private
G-JONG Rotorway Exec 162F 6168 Simon David Barnard
G-JVBP Evektor-Aerotechnik EV-97 TeamEurostar UK 2730 Private
G-JVBP   -   Evektor EV97 Eurostar   -   Private   -   EGBT 15/7/19
G-KEVG RotorSport UK MT-03 RSUK/MT-03/031 Christopher James Morton
G-KLNH Leonardo AW.109 SP Grand New 22364 Saxonair Charter Ltd
G-KLNH  -  Agusta A109 Grand New  -  Saxon Air  -  EGBT 14-7-19
G-LAVA Airbus Helicopters EC135 P3H 2064 Helicopter Services Ltd
G-LENZ Cirrus Design SR20 2304 Private
G-LINE Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 N 5566 Shawgrove Aviation Ltd
G-LOWE Monnett Sonerai I PFA 015-10344 Private
G-LROK Robinson R66 0581 London Rock Supplies Ltd
G-LTZY Eurocopter EC120B Colibri 1073 John Henshall
G-LTZY  -  Eurocopters EC120B Colibri  -  EBG Helicopters  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-LVDC Bell 206L Long Ranger III 51300 WAG Aviation Ltd
G-MCLN Cirrus Design SR20 G2 1642 Private
G-MUZZ AgustaWestland AW.109 SP Grand New 22325 Hagondale Ltd
G-NACA Norman Freelance NAC-2 180 2001 Private
G-NJOY Piper PA-28 181 Archer II 28-8290049 Private
G-OALC Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel AS.355 F2 5327 Alcaline UK Ltd
G-OALI Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel AS.355 F1 5115 Atlas Helicopters Ltd
G-OCAM Grumman American AA-5A Cheetah AA5A-0741 Private
G-OCFD Bell 206B Jet Ranger III 3165 Rushmere Helicopters LLP
G-OFFA Pietenpol Aircamper PFA 047-13181 Private
G-OFZY Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 N 5744 Atlas Helicopters Ltd
G-OLCP Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 N 5580 GB Helicopters Ltd
G-OPEP Piper PA-28R T-201T Turbo Arrow IV 28R-7931070 Private
G-PDGP Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel AS.355 F2 5135 PDG Helicopters
G-PDGP  -  Airbus helicopters AS355 Ecureuil  -  PDG Aviation Services  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-PIFZ Finmeccanica Helicopters AW.109 SP Grand New 22355 Saxonair Charter Ltd
G-PLJR Pietenpol Aircamper PFA 047-13426 Private
G-PRDH Aerospatiale Twin Squirrel AS.355 F2 5367 Claremont Air Services
G-RATE Grumman American AA-5A Cheetah AA5A-0781 GRATE Flying Group
G-RUES Robin HR.100 210 Safari 185 Private
G-RVLC Vans RV-9 A PFA 320-13780 Private
G-SIBK Beech Bonanza A36 E-3034 Private
G-SKFY Robinson R44 Raven II 13497 Skyfly Air Ltd
G-SPRI Agusta A.109 E Power 11721 East Midlands Helicopters
G-SUNN Robinson R44 Clipper 1367 Phoenix Helicopter Academy Ltd
G-TATR Reproduction Travel Air Type R Replica LAA 362-14892 Private
G-TIJL Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 NP 5801 Wycombe Helicopter Services Ltd
G-TWLV Vans RV-12 LAA 363-14931 Private
G-VGMC Eurocopter Twin Squirrel AS.355 N 5693 GB Helicopters Ltd
G-VIVE Leonardo AW.109 SP Grand New 22393 Oxford Helicopter Services LLP
G-WIZG Agusta A.109 E Power 11123 Tycoon Aviation Ltd
G-WIZG  -  Agusta A109E Power  -  Private  -  EGBT 14/7/19
G-YMFC Classic Aircraft Waco YMF-5 F5033 Private
G-ZERO Grumman American AA-5B Tiger AA5B-0051 Private
G-ZOOL Reims/Cessna FA152 Aerobat 0357 Private
M-JCBC Sikorsky S-76 C++ 760616 J C Bamford Excavators Ltd
M-JCBC  -  Sikorsky S76C  -  JC Bamford Excavators  -  EGBT 14/7/19
N85LB Cessna 340A 340A0486 Private
N85LB  -  Cessna 340A  -  Private  -  EGBT 14/7/19
N122MG Cirrus Design SR22 GTS 1250 Private
N124PD McDonnell Douglas Helicopters 369 E 0502E Private
N214CL Cirrus Design SR22 GTS 3830 Private
N30593 Cessna T210L Turbo Centurion 21059938 Southern Aircraft Consultancy
N347DC Cirrus Design SR22T 1104 Private
N365RE Cessna 340A 340A0459 Private
N365RE  -  Cessna 340A  -  Private  -  EGBT 14/7/19
N771SR Cirrus Design SR22 G3 GTS Turbo 2771 Private
N8829P Piper PA-24 260 Comanche 24-4285 Private
N986DT Cirrus Design SR22T 1630 Private
OO-HCZ Eurocopter AS355 Squirrel 9611 Heli & Co.
OO-HCZ  -  Airbus Helicopters AS355N Ecureuil  -  Heli And Co  -  EGBT 14/7/19
T7-LSS AgustaWestland AW.139 41265 Private

Sun 14 Jul 2019 Luton
5H-ONE Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5030 Government of Tanzania
9H-GRC Dassault Falcon 8X 405 Hyperion Aviation
9H-JAD Bombardier Challenger 850 8060 Air X Charter
D-IBJJ Cessna Citation CJ2 525A0125 Air Hamburg GmbH
D-ICEE Cessna Citation CJ1 525-0096 Spree Flug Luftfahrt GmbH
D-ISAR Raytheon Aircraft Company Premier I RB-148 Euroflug Frenzel GmbH
EC-LZU Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6066 Gestair Executive Jet SA
EC-MLR Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6184 Gestair Executive Jet SA
G-HOLM Eurocopter EC135 T2+ 0574 Capital Air Services
G-RANE Bombardier Challenger 605 5904 Saxonair Charter Ltd
G-RANE  -  Challenger 605  -  Saxon Air  -  LTN/EGGW 14-7-19
HZ-MS5B Gulfstream Aerospace GV 583 Saudi Armed Forces Medical Services
N173NY Gulfstream Aerospace G550 5149 BLF Aircraft Holdings LLC
N1TF Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6065 Friedkin AV Inc
N624BP Bombardier Global 6000 9830 SDMV LLC
N666ML Boeing 737NG 7BC/W BBJ 30330 HK Bellawings
N74GG Gulfstream Aerospace GIV SP 1331 ACI Jet
N871FR Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6304 Phenix Jet
T7-PRM Gulfstream Aerospace G200 215 ICS Aero SM SRL
VQ-BZE Dassault Falcon 50 175 Flying Lion Ltd

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