Far East Trip Day 2 – Seoul Gimpo and Incheon 6th October 2019

Day 2, and it was an early Breakfast then the Shuttle bus back to T1 in order to catch the all stop train to Seoul Gimpo. The journey time was about 35 minutes and was very straightforward from the impressive Incheon Transportation Centre building.

The train ticket machines are easy to use.

I had read that the viewing deck on the KAC building only opened at 9am, however I had arrived at 8:15, and had heard a rumour that the deck on the domestic terminal was still open (even though this is not publicised on any websites that I had looked at). Simply head upstairs to the food court area in the domestic terminal and there are signs for the observatory. the deck is pretty good with a fence/barrier very similar to Tokyo Haneda.


The deck on the domestic terminal

The traffic is a mixture of domestic flights and there is a lot of based GA on the far side, a lot of which was difficult to identify. I was hoping to get a photo of one of the forestry division Kamov KA32’s and although one was parked outside the hanger, it sadly didn’t fly. There are Police Mil 17’s based here but these were sadly locked up in their hanger.
The light is only good for photos here until about 10am, after which you have to wait until aircraft turn to vacate the runway to get a sunny shot. Traffic taxying to/from the international terminal is in good light probably most of the day. At 9am I walked to the KAC building and made my way to the top floor deck. After signing in I walked out and spent a very enjoyable couple of hours with some other spotters from the UK and 3 local photographers.


Upon entry into the KAC building top level you are greeted with a nice information area complete with aircraft models.

After the Hi Air ATR72 departed, I decided to head back to Incheon.  The runway direction at Incheon had switched, and I opted to try the Oseong Mt Observation deck which is off airport on the western side. There is a bus that goes here (the 306) however I decided to get a cab. The chap in the cab office didn’t have a clue what I was talking about, even when I showed him the location on my phone, but he eventually found the address on a website and wrote it out in Korean for me to pass to my cab driver. 10 minutes, and 6800Won (£4.46) later I was at the deck and it gives a commanding view of the entire airport although for photos it is a bit distant, and even with a 300mm lens and a cropped sensor camera I still couldn’t fill the frame with narrow-body aircraft. It is still a great location though. From this vantage point i could see the 2 stored Eastar Jet B737-Max8 which were tucked in a far corner of cargo.


being a Sunday I wasn’t sure how frequently the bus would run to get back to the terminal, or where to catch it for that matter. When I was done, I decided to walk 15 minutes up the road to the Hotel Ora and jump on their shuttle to terminal 2. Once there I caught the free terminal 1/2 shuttle which stopped outside the Hyatt on the way. After a bite to eat I spent the rest of the evening spotting from the room. Tomorrow would be an early morning for my onward flight to Fukuoka, Japan.

Sun 06 Oct 2019 Seoul Gimpo
B-6106 Boeing 737NG 89L/W 44924 Air China

B-6106  -  Boeing 737-89L (WL)  -  Air China  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

B-6398 Airbus A321 231 3847 China Southern Airlines

B-6398  -  Airbus A321-231  -  China Southern Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

B-6506 Airbus A330 343E 936 China Eastern Airlines

B-6506  -  Airbus A330-343  -  China Eastern Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

B701 Bombardier Challenger 604 5429 Korea Coast Guard
B703 IPTN CN-235 110MPA Korea Coast Guard
HL1100 Cessna 172S Skyhawk SP 172S10142
HL1114 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair T20608823 Private
HL1130 Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair T20608393 Private
HL1278 Lake Renegade LA-250 86 Private
HL2024 Piper PA-31 350 Navajo Chieftain 31-7852111 Private
HL5107 Cessna 208 20800238 Air Korea
HL5111 Cessna 208 20800328 Chung-Ang Aerosurvey
HL5112 Cessna 208 B 208B1131 Corporate
HL5113 Cessna 208 B 208B0949 Corporate
HL5115 Cessna 208 B 208B2011 Air Korea
HL5116 Cessna 208 B 208B1122 Samah Aerial Survey
HL5234 LET L-410 UVP-E20 072628 Ace Air Inc
HL5242 Raytheon Aircraft Company King Air C90B LJ-1586 Corporate
HL5243 ATR 72 500 862 Hi Air (Blue)


HL5244 ATR 72 500 806 Hi Air (Pink)
HL6141 Robinson R44 Clipper II 10387 Private
HL6143 Robinson R44 Raven II 12850 Private
HL7240 Airbus A300 B4-622R 631 Korean Air (Stored)
HL7461 Boeing 747 4B5 26405 Korean Air

HL7461  -  Boeing 747-4B5  -  Korean Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7506 Boeing 767 38E 25760 Asiana Airlines
HL7514 Boeing 767 38E 25763 Asiana Airlines
HL7516 Boeing 767 38E 25759 Asiana Airlines

HL7516  -  Boeing 767-38E  -  Asiana Airlines  -  6/10/19

HL7528 Boeing 767 38E 29129 Asiana Airlines
HL7531 Boeing 777 2B5ER 27946 Korean Air
HL7556 Boeing 737NG 86N 28615 Jin Air

HL7556  -  Boeing 737-86N  -  Jin Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7561 Boeing 737NG 8B5/W 29982 Jin Air
HL7562 Boeing 737NG 8B5/W 29983 Jin Air

HL7562  -  Boeing 737-8B5 (WL)  -  Jin Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7567 Boeing 737NG 86N 28647 Eastar Jet


HL7568 Boeing 737NG 8B5/W 29986 Korean Air


HL7569 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29987 Korean Air
HL7594 Airbus A321 131 1356 Asiana Airlines


HL7703 Airbus A321 131 1511 Asiana Airlines

HL7703  -  Airbus A321-131  -  Asiana Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7704 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29989 Korean Air
HL7707 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29992 Korean Air


HL7729 Airbus A321 231 2110 Air Busan
HL7731 Airbus A321 231 2247 Air Busan

HL7731  -  Airbus A321-231  -  Air Busan  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7743 Boeing 777 2B5ER 34208 Jin Air

HL7743  -  Boeing 777-2B5(ER)  -  Jin Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7744 Airbus A320 232 2808 Air Busan

HL7744  -  Airbus A320-232  -  Air Busan  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7751 Boeing 777 2B5ER 34210 Korean Air


HL7761 Airbus A321 232 1227 Air Busan
HL7765 Boeing 777 2B5ER 34212 Korean Air

HL7765  -  Boeing 777-2B5(ER)  -  Korean Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7769 Airbus A320 232 3437 Asiana Airlines

HL7769  -  Airbus A320-232  -  Asiana Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7780 Boeing 737NG 85F 28827 Jeju Air
HL7792 Airbus A330 323E 1001 Asiana Airlines

HL7792  -  Airbus A330-323  -  Asiana Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL7794 Airbus A330 323E 1151 Asiana Airlines

HL7794  -  Airbus A330-323  -  Asiana Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8014 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 42051 Jin Air
HL8028 Boeing 737NG 8BK 30625 Eastar Jet
HL8031 Boeing 737NG 8GJ/W 37361 Jeju Air

HL8031  -  Boeing 737-8GJ (WL)  -  Jeju Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8033 Boeing 737NG 8AL/W 35071 Jeju Air


HL8055 Airbus A320 232 2732 Air Busan

HL8055  -  Airbus A320-232  -  Air Busan  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8086 Boeing 737NG 8Q8 38819 T way Air
HL8091 Airbus A220 300 55049 Korean Air

HL8091  -  Airbus A220-300  -  Korean Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8093 Bombardier C Series 300 55019 Korean Air
HL8096 Boeing 737NG 9GPER/W 35710 Eastar Jet
HL8097 Boeing 737NG 9GPER/W 35711 Eastar Jet
HL8098 Boeing 737NG 8KN/W 40234 T way Air

HL8098  -  Boeing 737-8K8 (WL)  -  T'Way Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8219 Textron Aviation Citation M2 525-0940 Korean Airport Corporation
HL8223 Boeing 737NG 9B5ER/W 37634 Korean Air

HL8223  -  Boeing 737-9B5 (WL)  -  Korean Air  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8230 Bombardier Global Express XRS 9384 Korean Air
HL8236 Airbus A321 231 1174 Asiana Airlines

HL8236  -  Airbus A321-231  - Asiana Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

HL8271 Boeing 737 4Y0SF 24912 Air Incheon
HL8278 Airbus A321 231 5500 Asiana Airlines
HL8282 Airbus A330 323E 1435 Asiana Airlines
HL8299 Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6212 LG Electronics Inc
HL8302 Boeing 737NG 8FH/W 29671 Jeju Air
HL8305 Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 37917 Jeju Air


HL8311 Bombardier C Series 300 55026 Korean Air
HL8313 Bombardier C Series 300 55031 Korean Air
HL8314 Bombardier C Series 300 55035 Korean Air


HL8317 Boeing 737NG 800/W 64178 Jeju Air
HL8363 Boeing 737NG 8GQ/W 35791 T way Air
HL8373 Cessna Citation II 550-0021 Korea Air Photography Co Ltd
HL9174 Eurocopter Squirrel AS.350 B2 2689 Hongik Air Service Co Ltd
HL9199 Aerospatiale Squirrel AS.350 B2 2332 Hongik Air Service Co Ltd
HL9227 MBB-Kawasaki BK.117 A-1 1004 Hongik Air Service Co Ltd
HL9412 Kamov Ka-32 T 9202 Republic of Korea Forestry Department
HL9482 AgustaWestland AW.139 31260 Samsung Techwin Aviation
JA710J Boeing 777 246ER 33395 Japan Airlines

JA710J   -  Boeing 777-246ER  -  Japan Airlines  -  GMP/RKSS 06/10/19

JA803A Boeing 787 8 34485 All Nippon Airways

JA803A  -  Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner  -  All Nippon Airways  -  GMP/RKSS 6/10/19

M-SURE Dassault Falcon 7X 155 Arirang Aviation IOM Limited
N36CB Piper PA-46 310P Malibu 46-8408006 Private
PK-YGR Raytheon Aircraft Company 125 800XPi 258741 Tri-MG Intra Asia Airlines

Sun 06 Oct 2019 Seoul Incheon
9M-MTD Airbus A330 323E 1234 Malaysia Airlines
9M-XXW Airbus A330 343E 1596 AirAsia X


9V-OJI Boeing 787 9 37130 Scoot
A6-APF Airbus A380 861 195 Etihad Airways


A6-EOB Airbus A380 861 164 Emirates Airline
A7-BAB Boeing 777 3DZER 36103 Qatar Airways
B-1041 Airbus A330 343E 1842 China Eastern Airlines
B-1073 Airbus A330 343E 1869 China Eastern Airlines
B-1412 Boeing 737NG 800/W 63239 China Southern Airlines
B-16210 Airbus A321 211SL 6087 Uni Air
B-16222 Airbus A321 211SL 6999 EVA Air
B-16331 Airbus A330 302X 1254 EVA Air
B-1741 Boeing 737NG 86D/W 39314 Shanghai Airlines
B-1745 Boeing 737NG 85N/W 41621 Shandong Airlines
B-18306 Airbus A330 302 675 China Airlines
B-1843 Airbus A321 231SL 6186 China Southern Airlines
B-1938 Boeing 737NG 87L/W 37618 Shenzhen Airlines
B-205Y Boeing 737NG 800/W 63070 China Eastern Airlines


B-2220 Airbus A320 214 1542 China Eastern Airlines
B-2357 Airbus A320 214 754 China Eastern Airlines

B-2357  -  Airbus A320-214  -  China Eastern Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6-10-19

B-305C Airbus A320 251NSL 8742 China Southern Airlines
B-5041 Boeing 737NG 81B 32930 China Southern Airlines
B-5345 Boeing 737NG 86N/W 35215 Shenzhen Airlines

B-5345  -  Boeing 737-86N  -  Shenzhen Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-5496 Boeing 737NG 89L/W 36750 Air China

B-5496  -  Boeing 737-89L (WL)  -  Air China  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-5781 Boeing 737NG 85N/W 39332 Shandong Airlines
B-5786 Boeing 737NG 85N/W 39127 Shandong Airlines
B-5956 Airbus A330 343E 1563 Air China
B-6106 Boeing 737NG 89L/W 44924 Air China
B-6365 Airbus A321 213 3655 Air China (Beautiful Sichuan livery)

B-6365  -  Airbus A321-213  -  Air China (‘Beautiful Sichuan’ Livery)  -  ICN/RKSI 06/10/19

B-6840 Airbus A320 214SL 4760 Spring Airlines
B-6951 Airbus A320 232 5363 China Eastern Airlines
B-7566 Boeing 737NG 85N/W 61425 Shandong Airlines
B-7567 Boeing 737NG 85N/W 61426 Shandong Airlines

B-7567  -  Boeing 737-85N  -  Shandong Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-8559 Airbus A321 211SL 7194 China Eastern Airlines

B-8559  -  Airbus A321-211 (SL)  -  China Eastern  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-8568 Airbus A321 211SL 7793 China Eastern Airlines
B-8579 Airbus A330 343E 1765 Air China
B-8638 Airbus A321 211SL 7222 China Southern Airlines
B-8996 Airbus A321 211SL 7865 China Southern Airlines
B-9931 Airbus A320 232 5611 China Southern Airlines

B-9931  -  Airbus A320-232  -  China Southern  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-9945 Airbus A320 232SL 5628 China Eastern Airlines
B-9946 Airbus A320 214SL 5735 China Eastern Airlines
B-9951 Airbus A320 232 5671 China Southern Airlines
B-HLD Airbus A330 342 102 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LAD Airbus A330 342 776 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LAZ Airbus A330 343E 1387 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LBJ Airbus A330 343E 1618 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LED Airbus A321 231SL 7729 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LEJ Airbus A321 231SL 8163 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LRU Airbus A350 941 148 Cathay Pacific Airways

B-LRU  -  Airbus A350-941  -  Cathay Pacific Airways  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-MAP Airbus A321 231 1850 Air Macau

B-MAP  -  Airbus A321-231  -  Air Macau  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

B-MCF Airbus A320 232SL 6934 Air Macau
C-FGEO Boeing 787 9 37180 Air Canada

C-FGEO  -  Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner  -  Air Canada  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

D-ABVT Boeing 747 430 28287 Lufthansa

D-ABVT  -  Boeing 747-430  -  Lufthansa  -  ICN/RKSI 06/10/19

D-AIXF Airbus A350 941 146 Lufthansa
D-ALFE Boeing 777 FBT 41678 Lufthansa Cargo Airlines
EI-EJJ Airbus A330 202 1225 Alitalia
EI-FGN Boeing 767 3BGER 30564 Mongolian Airlines

EI-FGN  -  Boeing 767-3BG (ER)  -  MIAT Mongolian Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL7203 Boeing 777 300ER 60378 Korean Air
HL7205 Boeing 777 300ER 60379 Korean Air
HL7248 Boeing 767 38E 25758 Asiana Airlines

HL7248  -  Boeing 767-38E  -  Asiana  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL7413 Boeing 747 48E BDSF 25405 Asiana Airlines
HL7415 Boeing 747 48EBDSF 25777 Asiana Airlines

HL7415  -  Boeing 747-48E (BDSF)  -  Asiana Airlines Cargo  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL7428 Boeing 747 48E 28552 Asiana Airlines
HL7436 Boeing 747 48EFSCD 29170 Asiana Airlines


HL7515 Boeing 767 38E 25762 Asiana Airlines
HL7533 Boeing 777 3B5 27948 Korean Air
HL7538 Airbus A330 223 222 Korean Air
HL7540 Airbus A330 322 241 Korean Air
HL7550 Airbus A330 322 162 Korean Air
HL7555 Boeing 737NG 86N 30230 Jin Air


HL7557 Boeing 737NG 86N 28622 Jin Air
HL7585 Airbus A330 323X 350 Korean Air
HL7618 Boeing 747 446FSCD 26343 Asiana Airlines
HL7621 Airbus A380 861 126 Korean Air
HL7626 Airbus A380 841 155 Asiana Airlines
HL7627 Airbus A380 861 130 Korean Air

HL7627  -  Airbus A380-841  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKCI 6/10/19

HL7631 Boeing 747 8B5 40906 Korean Air
HL7637 Boeing 747 8B5 40909 Korean Air

HL7637  -  Boeing 747-8B5  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL7638 Boeing 747 8B5 60408 Korean Air

HL7638  -  Boeing 747-8B5  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI

HL7640 Airbus A380 841 230 Asiana Airlines
HL7644 Boeing 747 8I 60411 Korean Air
HL7702 Airbus A330 323X 428 Korean Air
HL7710 Airbus A330 323X 490 Korean Air
HL7715 Boeing 777 2B5ER 28372 Korean Air
HL7718 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29996 Korean Air
HL7724 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29998 Korean Air
HL7725 Boeing 737NG 9B5 29999 Korean Air
HL7726 Boeing 737NG 9B5 30001 Korean Air
HL7733 Boeing 777 2B5ER 34206 Jin Air
HL7740 Airbus A330 323E 676 Asiana Airlines
HL7741 Airbus A330 323E 708 Asiana Airlines


HL7747 Airbus A330 323E 803 Asiana Airlines
HL7754 Airbus A330 323E 845 Asiana Airlines
HL7769 Airbus A320 232 3437 Asiana Airlines
HL7775 Boeing 777 28EER 30862 Asiana Airlines
HL7784 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37136 Korean Air
HL7790 Airbus A321 231 4142 Air Seoul
HL8001 Airbus A330 323E 1556 Korean Air
HL8002 Airbus A330 323E 1576 Korean Air

HL8002  -  Airbus A330-323  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8003 Airbus A330 323E 1590 Korean Air
HL8004 Airbus A321 232 6299 Asiana Airlines
HL8005 Boeing 777 FB5 37642 Korean Air
HL8006 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37652 Korean Air
HL8008 Boeing 777 3B5ER 43816 Korean Air
HL8009 Boeing 777 3B5ER 41999 Korean Air

HL8009  -  Boeing 777-3B5(ER)  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8011 Boeing 777 3B5ER 42123 Korean Air
HL8012 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 41348 Jin Air
HL8013 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 41346 Jin Air
HL8015 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 42061 Jin Air
HL8016 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 41341 Jin Air
HL8018 Airbus A321 231 6395 Asiana Airlines
HL8023 Boeing 737NG 86N 28574 Eastar Jet


HL8025 Airbus A330 323E 1611 Korean Air
HL8026 Airbus A330 323E 1638 Korean Air
HL8032 Boeing 737NG 8GJ/W 36367 Jeju Air
HL8035 Boeing 737NG 8BK/W 33019 Eastar Jet
HL8039 Airbus A321 231SL 6796 Asiana Airlines
HL8042 Boeing 777 3B5ER 60376 Korean Air
HL8052 Boeing 737NG 86J/W 37761 Eastar Jet
HL8056 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 36572 T way Air
HL8059 Airbus A321 231SL 7052 Asiana Airlines
HL8062 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 33634 Jeju Air
HL8064 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37532 Jeju Air
HL8070 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37535 T way Air

HL8070  -  Boeing 737-8AS (WL)  -  T'Way Air  -  ICN/RKCI 6/10/19

HL8071 Airbus A321 231SL 7266 Asiana Airlines
HL8078 Airbus A350 941 94 Asiana Airlines

HL8078  -  Airbus A350-941  -  Asiana Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8082 Boeing 787 9 34811 Korean Air

HL8082  -  Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8085 Boeing 787 9 34814 Korean Air
HL8089 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37543 Jeju Air
HL8090 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 37540 Jeju Air
HL8211 Airbus A330 223 1133 Korean Air


HL8212 Airbus A330 223 1155 Korean Air
HL8217 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37648 Korean Air
HL8218 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37649 Korean Air
HL8221 Boeing 737NG 9B5ER/W 37633 Korean Air
HL8223 Boeing 737NG 9B5ER/W 37634 Korean Air
HL8228 Airbus A330 223 1203 Korean Air
HL8239 Boeing 737NG 82R 29344 Jeju Air
HL8240 Boeing 737NG 8BK/W 39447 Korean Air

HL8240  -  Boeing 737-8BK (WL)  -  Korean Air  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8245 Boeing 737NG 8Q8/W 38827 Korean Air
HL8246 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 41299 Korean Air
HL8247 Boeing 737NG 8SH/W 41300 Korean Air


HL8248 Boeing 737NG 9B5ER/W 37635 Korean Air
HL8252 Boeing 777 FB5 37638 Korean Air
HL8255 Airbus A321 231 5035 Air Seoul
HL8256 Airbus A321 231 5169 Asiana Airlines
HL8257 Airbus A321 231 5173 Asiana Airlines
HL8258 Airbus A330 323E 1326 Asiana Airlines
HL8259 Airbus A330 323E 1340 Asiana Airlines
HL8265 Airbus A321 231 5287 Asiana Airlines

HL8265  -  Airbus A321-231  -  Asiana Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

HL8266 Airbus A321 231 5350 Air Seoul
HL8269 Boeing 737NG 8Q8/W 30684 Eastar Jet
HL8273 Boeing 737NG 9B5ER/W 42174 Korean Air
HL8274 Boeing 777 3B5ER 41998 Korean Air
HL8275 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37651 Korean Air
HL8281 Airbus A321 231 5774 Air Seoul
HL8287 Boeing 737NG 8Q8/W 30665 Jeju Air
HL8293 Airbus A330 323E 1518 Asiana Airlines
HL8297 Boeing 737NG 83N/W 30673 Jeju Air
HL8318 Boeing 737NG 800/W 64179 Jeju Air
HL8321 Boeing 737NG 8K5/W 35134 Jeju Air
HL8322 Boeing 737NG 8K5/W 34690 Jeju Air


HL8323 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34988 T way Air
HL8324 Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 34989 T way Air
HL8333 Boeing 737NG 8JP/W 39013 Jeju Air
HL8337 Boeing 737NG 82R/W 35983 Jeju Air
HL8340 Boeing 737MAX 8 60458 Eastar Jet (Stored in cargo)
HL8341 Boeing 737MAX 8 60459 Eastar Jet (Stored in cargo)
HL8343 Boeing 737NG 8KN/W 40240 Eastar Jet
HL8359 Airbus A350 941 224 Asiana Airlines


HL8361 Airbus A350 941 301 Asiana Airlines
HL8364 Airbus A321-251NXSL 8910 Asiana Airlines


HS-TGP Boeing 747 4D7 26610 Thai Airways International
HS-TJV Boeing 777 2D7ER 34590 Thai Airways International
HS-XTJ Airbus A330 343X 791 Thai AirAsia X
JA603F Boeing 767 381F 33510
JA816P Airbus A320 214 6674 Peach Aviation
JA827P Airbus A320 214SL 8986 Peach Aviation
JA8392 Airbus A320 211 328 All Nippon Airways
N24972 Boeing 787 9 40939 United Airlines
N403DX Airbus A330 941N 1931 Delta Air Lines

N403DX  -  Airbus A330-941N  -  Delta Air Lines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/19

N451PA Boeing 747 46NF 30809 Polar Air Cargo
N506DN Airbus A350 941 175 Delta Air Lines
N644GT Boeing 767 3JHF/W 37810 Polar Air Cargo
N864DA Boeing 777 232ER 29736 Delta Air Lines
RP-C7935 Airbus A320 232 1411 Pan Pacific Airlines
RP-C8189 Airbus A320 216 4797 Philippines AirAsia
RP-C8780 Airbus A330 343E 1456 Philippine Airlines
RP-C9909 Airbus A321 231SL 6074 Philippine Airlines
RP-C9925 Airbus A321 231SL 7015 Philippine Airlines
TC-JJZ Boeing 777 3F2ER 44122 Turkish Airlines
TC-JNT Airbus A330 303 1476 Turkish Airlines
UK78705 Boeing 787 8 64437 Uzbekistan Airways
V8-RBC Airbus A320 251NSL 8360 Royal Brunei Airlines
VN-A323 Airbus A321 231 4669 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A366 Airbus A321 231 4277 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A626 Airbus A321 271NSL 8937 VietJetAir
VN-A628 Airbus A321 211SL 8592 VietJetAir
VN-A630 Airbus A321 211SL 7655 VietJetAir
VN-A631 Airbus A321 211SL 7675 VietJetAir
VN-A637 Airbus A321 211SL 7998 VietJetAir
VN-A648 Airbus A321 211SL 8076 VietJetAir
VN-A649 Airbus A321 211SL 8153 VietJetAir
VN-A872 Boeing 787 10 60294 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A887 Airbus A350 941 15 Vietnam Airlines
VN-A889 Airbus A350 941 17 Vietnam Airlines
VP-BIO Boeing 737 7CT 30712 Yakutia Airlines

VP-BIO  -  Boeing 737-7CT (WL)  -  Yakutia Airlines  -  ICN/RKSI 6/10/10

VP-BWC Airbus A320 271NSL 8787 S7 Airlines
VP-BWN Airbus A320 271NSL 8935 S7 Airlines
VQ-BGZ Boeing 747 8HVF 37580 AirBridgeCargo
VQ-BLR Boeing 747 8HVF 37668 AirBridgeCargo
VQ-BUC Boeing 777 3M0ER 41691 Aeroflot Russian Airlines

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