Far East Trip Day 8 – Taipei, Hong Kong 12th October 2019.

Day 8, and the start of the return journey. My first flight was with Cathay Pacific departing from TPE at 06:00. It was too early for the Hotel Shuttle, so they called a cab for me to get to T1. A330 B-HLH got me to HKG in 1 hour 30 minutes and on approach I had the camera ready and was snapping away during the taxy in. This was worthwhile as a lot of numbers were gleaned from these pictures. Transit procedures were very quick and I was wandering around the terminal in no time. I had about 1 hour and 15 minutes to log as much as possible before boarding my 10 hour flight on OH-LWO A350 Finnair to Helsinki Vantaa.




The service on the Finnair flight was pretty useless with no tea or coffee served in 10 hours and very little else. The crew were hardly seen and were messing about when on the one occasion they dragged a trolley through. I arrived at Helsinki and promptly went to buy a coffee and a snack. I only had 15 minutes before my final flight of the marathon journey home was boarding. I couldnt believe my eyes when I saw B-207N B787-9 of Juneyao on the apron at Helsinki, the third time I had seen it on this trip!

OH-LTO A330 Finnair got me to the ‘Row in 3 hours on account of headwinds. For once Passport control was quite empty and I finally got home about 7pm, some 24 hours after I had woken up in Taipei to start the journey. A very tiring but very rewarding trip that I hope i will be able to replicate again. Each country visited I found to be very clean and safe, and the people to be very welcoming, and genuinely interested in where I was from etc.


Taipei Taoyuan Sat 12 Oct 2019

9V-OJG Boeing 787 9 37128 Scoot
B-18006 Boeing 777 309ER 43981 China Airlines
B-18918 Airbus A350 941 239 China Airlines
VN-A339 Airbus A321 231 5275 Vietnam Airlines
B-HLH Airbus A330 342 121 Cathay Pacific Airways (TPE > HKG)

Hong Kong Sat 12 Oct 2019

9M-MXX Boeing 737NG 8H6/W 40161 Malaysia Airlines
9V-SVC Boeing 777 212ER 28526 Singapore Airlines
9V-SVC  -  Boeing 777-212 (ER)  -  Singapore Airlines  -  HKG/VHHH 12/10/19
9V-SWH Boeing 777 312ER 34573 Singapore Airlines
A6-EFG Boeing 777 F1H 35613 Emirates Airline
A6-EFJ Boeing 777 F1H 35610 Emirates Airline
A6-EGO Boeing 777 31HER 35598 Emirates Airline
A7-BFA Boeing 777 FDZ 36098 Qatar Airways
A7-BFH Boeing 777 FDZ 42298 Qatar Airways
A7-BFI Boeing 777 FDZ 62083 Qatar Airways
B-16308 Airbus A330 203 655
B-17801 Boeing 787 10 63510 EVA Air
B-1816 Airbus A321 213 6013 Air China
B-18308 Airbus A330 302 699 China Airlines
B-6188 Airbus ACJ318 112 Elite 3617 Beijing Aviation
B-6792 Airbus A321 232 4834 Air China
B-8230 Airbus A321 231SL 6774 China Eastern Airlines
B-8300 Gulfstream Aerospace G450 4300 Nanshan Jet
B-HLI Airbus A330 342 155 Cathay Dragon
B-HLM Airbus A330 343X 386 Cathay Dragon
B-HLT Airbus A330 343X 439 Cathay Dragon
B-HLV Airbus A330 343X 548 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNJ Boeing 777 367 27509 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNN Boeing 777 367 33703 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HNU Boeing 777 31H 32699 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-HSE Airbus A320 232 784 Cathay Dragon
B-HSG Airbus A320 232 812 Cathay Dragon
B-HSN Airbus A320 232 2428 Cathay Dragon
B-HSO Airbus A320 232 4023 Cathay Dragon
B-HSP Airbus A320 232 4247 Cathay Dragon
B-HSQ Airbus A320 232 5024 Cathay Dragon
B-HSR Airbus A320 232 5030 Cathay Dragon
B-HST Airbus A320 232 5362 Cathay Dragon
B-HTD Airbus A321 231 993 Cathay Dragon
B-HTF Airbus A321 231 633 Cathay Dragon
B-HTH Airbus A321 231 1984 Cathay Dragon
B-HTH (2)
B-HTJ Airbus A321 231 3369 Cathay Dragon
B-KPO Boeing 777 367ER 36160 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KPU Boeing 777 367ER 39233 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQD Boeing 777 367ER 39237 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQF Boeing 777 367ER 41428 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQN Boeing 777 367ER 41761 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQW Boeing 777 367ER 41763 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQY Boeing 777 367ER 41764 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-KQZ Boeing 777 367ER 60723 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LAB Airbus A330 342 673 Cathay Dragon
B-LAC Airbus A330 342 679 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LAE Airbus A330 342 850 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LAZ Airbus A330 343E 1387 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LBB Airbus A330 343E 1436 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LBD Airbus A330 343E 1503 Cathay Dragon
B-LBF Airbus A330 343E 1545 Cathay Dragon
B-LBH Airbus A330 343E 1567 Cathay Dragon
B-LBI Airbus A330 343E 1598 Cathay Dragon
B-LBI  -  Airbus A330-343  -  Cathay Dragon  -  HKG/VHHH 12/10/19
B-LCB Airbus A320 232 2322 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCF Airbus A320 232SL 5725 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCG Airbus A320 232SL 5738 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCI Airbus A320 232 4445 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCJ Airbus A320 232SL 5685 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCM Airbus A320 271NSL 7273 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCO Airbus A320 271NSL 7517 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LCP Airbus A320 271NSL 7598 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LDE Airbus A300 F4-605R 859 Air Hong Kong
B-LDM Airbus A300 B4-622RF 683 Air Hong Kong
B-LEC Airbus A321 231SL 7596 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LEG Airbus A321 231SL 7872 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LEH Airbus A321 231SL 7929 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LEK Airbus A321 231SL 8347 Hong Kong Express Airways
B-LHD Airbus A330 343E 1146 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LIA Boeing 747 467ERF 37299 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LJG Boeing 747 867F 39244 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LJL Boeing 747 867F 43536 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LNK Airbus A330 243 1286 Tianjin Airlines
B-LNL Airbus A330 243 1322 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LNM Airbus A330 343E 1358 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LNP Airbus A330 343X 1398 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LNW Airbus A330 243F 1320 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LPD Airbus A320 214 5189 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LPJ Airbus A320 214 5514 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LPP Airbus A320 214SL 7035 Hong Kong Airlines
B-LQB Airbus A350 941 337 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRE Airbus A350 941 39 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRG Airbus A350 941 53 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRJ Airbus A350 941 61 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRK Airbus A350 941 70 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRN Airbus A350 941 85 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRR Airbus A350 941 119 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LRV Airbus A350 941 154 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LVI Airbus Helicopters EC175 B (H175) 5035 Hong Kong Government Flying Service
B-LXB Airbus A350 1041 169 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXC Airbus A350 1041 188 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXF Airbus A350 1041 233 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXL Airbus A350 1041 306 Cathay Pacific Airways
ER-JAI Boeing 747 412BDSF 26562 Aerotranscargo
ET-AVT Boeing 777 F 65476 Ethiopian Cargo
HS-PGX Airbus A319 132 3424 Bangkok Airways
HS-TBG Airbus A330 343E 1408 Thai Airways International
HS-TXU Airbus A320 232SL 6795 Thai Smile
JA15JJ Airbus A320 232SL 5701 Jetstar Japan
JA605F Boeing 767 316F/W 30842 All Nippon Airways
LX-MCO Airbus ACJ319 115X 2592 Global Jet Luxembourg SA
LX-VCL Boeing 747 8R7F 35823 Cargolux Airlines International
N2639U Boeing 777 300ER 62650 United Airlines
N409MC Boeing 747 47UF 30558 Atlas Air
N450PA Boeing 747 46NF 30808 Polar Air Cargo
N452PA Boeing 747 46NF 30810 Polar Air Cargo
N610UP Boeing 747 8F 64256 United Parcel Service
N715MC SOCATA TBM 700 A 30
N719AN Boeing 777 323ER 41668 American Airlines
N777SA Boeing 777 FZB 37989 Southern Air
OH-LWO Airbus A350 941 300 Finnair (HKG > HEL)
PK-GMS Boeing 737NG 8U3/W 38071 Garuda Indonesia
RP-C3260 Airbus A320 214 4447 Cebu Pacific Air
RP-C3260  -  Airbus A320-214  -  Cebu Pacific  -  HKG/VHHH 12/10/19
RP-C3275 Airbus A320 214SL 5687 Cebu Pacific Air
RP-C3278 Airbus A320 214SL 6021 Cebu Pacific Air
VP-CEJ Bombardier Global 6000 9760 Aegle Aviation Ltd
VP-CJJ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 ER 6123 Jet Aviation Business Jets (HK) Ltd
VP-CLJ Airbus ACJ318 112 Elite 3985 Al Jaber Aviation
VP-CZZ Gulfstream Aerospace G650 6116 Phenix Jet
VT-ANA Boeing 787 8 36273 Air India
VT-IJI Airbus A320 271NSL 9045 IndiGo Airlines
ZK-OKD Boeing 777 219ER 29401 Air New Zealand

Helsinki Sat 12 Oct 2019

B-207N Boeing 787 9 64313 Juneyao Airlines
B-207N  -  Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner  -  Juneyao Airlines  -  HEL/EFHK 12/10/19
OE-IBO Boeing 737 490SF 29270 ASL Airlines Belgium
OH-LTO Airbus A330 302E 1013 Finnair (HEL > LHR)
OH-LTT Airbus A330 302E 1088 Finnair
OH-LWN Airbus A350 941 273 Finnair


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