London Heathrow 20-5-20

With the easing of the Covid 19 restrictions on movement across England, allowing unlimited travel by car to a destination of choice whilst maintaining social distance, a trip was arranged to visit Heathrow to meet 2 family members and undertake some spotting. Traffic (both road and air) was significantly reduced and most flights were operating freight charters using pax configured aircraft with seats removed. Despite the low number of movements, there were some interesting arrivals not normally seen at the airport making for an enjoyable – albeit quiet – afternoon and evening spotting and catching up with family not seen for many weeks.

Heathrow is currently only operating a one runway system, which alternates on a weekly basis. This week was 27R for take-off and landing. Most spotting was undertaken within the Visitor Centre car park which costs £12 to park for 7 hours but is useless for photography.


The Visitor Centre is set back some distance from the airport fence behind numerous lamp columns and trees. Above, an Uzbekistan Cargo 767 is seen on approach. This is the best shot available from this vantage point at ground level.

As such a walk to the area adjacent to the BAW maintenance base is required which takes a good 15-20 minutes. This vantage point gets you to the southern side of the approach which offers the best light until the evening. After 6pm the sun favours the north side of the approach and a walk to reach a patch of grass which offers nice views of arrivals, adjacent to the perimeter road is necessary . The BAW and Virgin fleets are largely grounded, with aircraft stored around the airfield. Terminal 4 is currently not in use with airlines using the central terminals and some T5 stands.


 The map above shows the relationship between the visitor centre and the 2 photography vantage points used.

Above are 2 photos showing a small selection of the stored BAW aircraft on the southern side of the airfield. Widebody aircraft are stored behind the maintenance base. 11 of the 12 A380’s were flown to Charteroux, and it is unknown if they will return to service. Many aircraft have been flown to BOH.

Virgin Atlantic have parked many of their 787’s and have put the A330’s and B747’s into storage.

On with the log:

Wed 20 May 2020 London Heathrow
3B-NBQ Airbus A350 941 157 Air Mauritius
4X-ABI Airbus A320 232SL 7110 Israir
4X-ABI  -  Airbus A320-232 (SL)  -  Israir  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
9H-NEO Airbus A320 251NSL 7875 Air Malta AMC7101
A6-BME Boeing 787 10 60759 Etihad Airways
A6-EFH Boeing 777 F1H 35608 Emirates Airline UAE9943
A7-AMK Airbus A350 941 249 Qatar Airways
A7-ANE Airbus A350 1041 141 Qatar Airways QTR8850
A7-BAC Boeing 777 3DZER 36010 Qatar Airways
A7-BAL Boeing 777 3DZER 38244 Qatar Airways QTR8866
A7-BEL Boeing 777 300ER 64063 Qatar Airways QTR8862
AP-BGY Boeing 777 240LR 33781 Pakistan International Airlines PIA785
B-16706 Boeing 777 35EER 33750 EVA Air
B-16706  -  Boeing 777-35E(ER)  -  Eva Air  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
B-304L Airbus A330 343E 1893 Hainan Airlines
B-305R Airbus A330 343E 1880 Capital Airlines
B-5921 Airbus A330 243 1402 China Eastern Airlines MU551
B-6075 Airbus A330 243 785 Air China
B-6079 Airbus A330 243 810 Air China
B-6079  -  Airbus A330-243  -  Air China  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
B-6137 Airbus A380 841 36 China Southern Airlines
B-6536 Airbus A330 243 1260 Air China
B-6547 Airbus A330 223 1893 China Southern Airlines CSN8375
B-KQM Boeing 777 367ER 41433 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXC Airbus A350 1041 188 Cathay Pacific Airways
B-LXE Airbus A350 1041 225 Cathay Pacific Airways CPA252
C-FMIJ Boeing 767 328ERBDSF 27135 Cargojet Airways CJT985
C-FRSE Boeing 787 9 37181 Air Canada
D-AEAB Airbus A300 B4-622RF 837 DHL Air
D-AEAM Airbus A300 B4-622RF 797 DHL Air BCS35P
D-AINK Airbus A320 271NSL 8249 Lufthansa DLH8HR
EC-KKS Airbus A319 111 3320 Iberia
EC-LEI Airbus A319 111 3744 Iberia
EC-NCK Airbus A330 243 840 Wamos Air
EC-NCK  -  Airbus A330-243  -  Wamos Air  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
EI-DIP Airbus A330 202 339 Alitalia
EI-DIP  -  Airbus A330-202  -  Alitalia  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
EI-EJJ Airbus A330 202 1225 Alitalia
EI-EJJ  -  Airbus A330-202  -  Alitalia  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
EI-LRC Airbus A321 253NXSL 8965 Aer Lingus
G-LMRA ATR 42 500 490 Loganair
G-LMRA  -  ATR42-500  -  Loganair  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
G-NEOU Airbus A321 251NXSL 8804 British Airways
G-TTNL Airbus A320 251NSL 9585 British Airways (Parked T5)
G-VLUX Airbus A350 1041 274 Virgin Atlantic Airways
G-XWBF Airbus A350 1041 402 British Airways (Arrived on delivery)
G-XWBF  -  Airbus A350-1041  -  British Airways  -  LHR/EGLL 20-5-20
HB-JCR Airbus A220 300 55044 Swiss International Air Lines
HL8006 Boeing 777 3B5ER 37652 Korean Air KAL907
HL8076 Boeing 777 F 62632 Korean Air
HZ-AK32 Boeing 777 3FGER 61591 Saudi Arabian Airlines SVA117
HZ-AK34 Boeing 777 300ER 61596 Saudi Arabian Airlines
JA793A Boeing 777 300ER 61512 All Nippon Airways ANA212
JA867J Boeing 787 9 34843 Japan Airlines JAL43
LZ-FBB Airbus A319 112 3309 Bulgaria Air LZB851
N802AN Boeing 787 8 40620 American Airlines
SE-ROK Airbus A320 251NSL 9451 Scandinavian Airlines System SAS532
TC-LJC Boeing 777 3F2ER 44123 Turkish Airlines
TC-LJJ Boeing 777 3F2ER 60405 Turkish Airlines
TF-KEX Boeing 737NG 8BK/W 33018 Icelandair
UK67002 Boeing 767 33PERBCF 28392 Uzbekistan Airways
VH-ZND Boeing 787 9 63390 Qantas
VP-BHA Boeing 777 300ER 65307 Aeroflot Russian Airlines AFL2581
VP-BJL Boeing 777 35EER 32639 Nordwind Airlines

Wed 20 May 2020 London Heathrow Overflights
01-0015 Boeing C-40B 32916 United States Air Force SAM733 
A6-EQF Boeing 777 300ER 42351 Emirates Airline UAE9914 UIO>AMS @ 14:42
A7-BFM Boeing 777 F 62770 Qatar Airways QTR8158 PTY>LGG @ 14:00
CS-PHC Embraer Phenom 300 50500214 NetJets Europe
D-AALB Boeing 777 FZN 36002 AeroLogic BOX393
D-ALCD McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F 48784 Lufthansa Cargo Airlines GEC8161 YYZ>FRA @ 16:54
F-HAJD Cessna Citation CJ1 525-0523 Luxmarine SA VLJ55AD @ 16:13
G-LAVA Airbus Helicopters EC135 P3H 2064 Helicopter Services Ltd (itz S>N)
G-WZAP Embraer Phenom 300 50500438 Saxonair Charter Ltd @ 16:05
HL7618 Boeing 747 446FSCD 26343 Asiana Airlines AAR587 JFK>BRU @ 15:11
LX-VCK Boeing 747 8R7F 38078 Cargolux Airlines International CLX73J LUX>DFW @14:50
LX-YCV Boeing 747 4R7F 35805 Cargolux Airlines International CLX63E
M-ETAL Piaggio P-180 Avanti II 1194 GFG Aviation Ltd @ 18:13
N225AX Boeing 767 224ER 30434 Omni Air International CMB545
N331QT Airbus A330 243F 1380 Avianca Cargo TPA4047 MIA>AMS @ 18:22
N534LA Boeing 767 316F/W 32572 LATAM Cargo Chile LCO1502 MIA>FRA @16:08
N583FE McDonnell Douglas MD-11 F 48421 FedEx Express FDX5102 MEM>STN @ 18:37
N854FD Boeing 777 FS2 37725 FedEx Express FDX4 MEM>CGN @ 17:57
N860FD Boeing 777 F 37731 FedEx Express FDX7 CDG>MEM 20:15
OY-RCG Airbus A319 115 5079 Atlantic Airways AEH401F 
PH-BHC Boeing 787 9 38760 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KLM705 AMS>GIG @ 14:53
PH-BQE Boeing 777 206ER 28691 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines KLM757 AMS>PTY @ 15:19
PH-CKA Boeing 747 406ERF 33694 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines MPH6912 MIA>AMS @14:50
TC-JJZ Boeing 777 3F2ER 44122 Turkish Airlines THY6073 ISL>JFK @ 18:33
YR-TYA Cessna Citation XLS+ 560-6075 Toyo Aviation TOY111 to FAB @ 17:45

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