Lasham 15th September 2020

2-JBZI Boeing 737NG 96NER/W 36539 Jet Airways
2-SEVN Boeing 727 281/W 21474 TAG Aviation (Stansted) Ltd

2-SEVN  -  Boeing 727-281  -  Private  -  QLA/EGHL 15/9/20

9H-AVM Boeing 757 23A/W 24527 Jet Magic Ltd
EI-EKA Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 35022 Ryanair
EI-EKB Boeing 737NG 8AS/W 38494 Ryanair
EI-FDS Boeing 737NG 86N/W 28595 Air Italy
EI-FHH Boeing 737NG 8FZ/W 31713 Norwegian Air International
G-EZIV Airbus A319 111 2565 easyJet Airline
G-HEVI Boeing 737 3M8BDSF 24020 TAG Aviation (UK) Ltd
HZ-AB3 Boeing 727 2U5RE/W 22362 Al Anwa Establishment

HZ-AB3  -  Boeing 727-2UV(Adv)  -  Private  -  QLA/EGHL 15/9/20

VP-CAQ Boeing 737 2V6 22431 Jet Connections Ltd

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